Round of 128: Division L

The Boss loves the new voting system

Votes due by Saturday, July 23 at 8 EST.

First off, a big thank you to Danno for helping me continue with the nifty new voting system (and by helping I mean doing it for me or walking me through everything step-by-step). I think this system captures the best of all worlds on both the front and the back ends, and will make life simpler for everybody. Well done, Danno. This post also features the Guillermo-discovered and Danno-perfected feature of the embedded Grooveshark playlist, so again big ups to those guys for making your listening and voting experiences quicker, easier, and more user-friendly. Now, on the the music.

So you had the best legs in a business built for kicks

Division L turned out to be kind of a sausage-fest, with the exception of our division leader, Florence and the Machine, who’s “Dog Days are Over” defeated fan favorite Ray LaMontagne last round and now faces off against a similarly dudely-but-soulful contender in Bruce Springsteen, with his song “Streets of Fire.” Will she of the endless legs defeat he of the infamous ass?

Next up Otis Redding shows up again in our rotation with “Try a Little Tenderness,” off a crushing victory over Elvis Costello in the round of 256 to face off against Two Gallants’ “Seems Like Home to Me”, which faced stiffer competition against the Allman Brothers but squeaked into this round. Otis Redding may be the king of soul, but I have rarely seen performers put more soul into a live performance than Two Gallants. We’ll see if that translates when recorded.

While our previous two match-ups represent old vs. young, our third match up is a battle of the classics as “Up Around The Bend” by Creedence Clearwater Revival goes up against “Gonna Send You Back To Walker” by the Animals. I just learned from wikipedia that CCR’s original name was “The Golliwoggs,” and that they got their first record contract contingent on them changing it. It doesn’t say if this is because the name is stupid-sounding, or because it’s totally racist. Yikes.

Moving on! Now we’ve got two young, hip, contemporary artists coming from vastly different genres: “Title And Registration” by Seattle indie-rock darlings Death Cab For Cutie go up against “Hello Good Morning” by hip hop heavy weight Diddy (feat T.I.). Hip hop has thus far not done particularly well in this tournament, so we’ll see if Diddy can turn the tide here.

Playlist can be found here, or use the widget.

Vote below:

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3 Responses to Round of 128: Division L

  1. WHOA. I hope CCR was just ignorant on that, no good…either way, good decision Fogarty.

  2. lindsay says:

    Try a little tenderness was my nomination and I can assure that this isn’t the right version. This is a version that I’ve never heard before and even I don’t really like it. Is there a way to change the playlist to the right version?

    if not, this is the right version:

    • aiko says:

      Danno fixed this right quick, so it is the right version now in the playlist. If you voted for the wrong version, you can re-listen and comment with a revised score if you want. I will chane your scores on the back end.

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