Results: Round of 128, Division A

The results are in, and like past groups we had a few blowouts and a few nailbiters. We’ll start with the #3 seed from Miss Cyndi Lauper. “Time After Time” defeats “Bang!” by The Raveonettes, 240.1-198.75. Lauper finished the first round with a 6.80 average, but jumps here to a 7.28– it’s these sorts of momentum gains that will provide much of the excitement in ensuing rounds, so let the games begin. In defeat, “Bang!” goes to the Wall of 10’s with nods from Grant and Janos. By the way, the best part of that magazine cover is neither Cyndi’s bracelets nor the Goonies reference- it’s the picture of Elton John as a child.

Nothing but love and respect between these two

No one will be watching Lauper more closely than U2, who survive a strong push from Bowie fans and emerged victorious; “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” defeats “Sound and Vision,” 216.2-197.03. As this was a pretty polarizing match-up with some comment banter, I’ll remind everybody to keep it classy. We’re a community of music lovers from all walks of life and all corners of the world voting in a democracy, so let’s respect each others’ opinions, yes? Even when it comes to our favoritest artists in the world matched up against each other? Cool. “Sound and Vision” also joins the Wall with nods from Jacob and ASF.

Division leader remains “Little Lion Man,” who trounces “Home” by Zero 7, 260.85-158.7. After songs called “Home” went 3-0 in the first round, they start 0-1 here. Pay attention, Edward Sharpe and Marc Broussard (although I find it hard to believe that Alex Ebert actually pays attention to anything.) Third song to the Wall, thanks to Chris Roomba, Mark B (they may pull off the gloves when it comes to Bono v. Bowie, but at least they both love Mumford,) Meghan, and Sarita

Belleruche drives it down to the wire

Last but not least, the closest match-up of the day was the Belleruche-Mavericks battle, which was never further apart than 10 or so points. In the end, Belleruche pulled some late favors and comes out on top, 193.7-189.8.

Out: Zero 7, Mavericks, and The Raveonettes. Bowie still alive with Life On Mars.

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