Round of 256: Division L, Left Side Results

Well, no close calls here!  Every result was over 20 points except for one 12.95 win, which wasn’t all that close either.  Highest Score goes to Verve, with 194.

Not going to say much here.  It’s pretty self-explanatory and I’ve got a flight to catch!

Son Of A Preacherman (Mavis Staples) defeats This Is How We Do It (Montell Jordan) 172.5 to 144.55

Bittersweet Symphony (Verve, The) defeats Alice (Tom Waits) 194.2 to 166.2

Change (Blind Melon) defeats Poison (Alice Cooper) 192.95 to 180

What Is And What Should Never Be (Led Zeppelin) defeats Nosebleed Section (The Hilltop Hoods) 183.1 to 161.7

Hilltop Hoods, Tom Waits, Montell Jordan, and Alice Cooper are all out of the tournament.

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I is a photojournalist, musician, and music promoter who worked in Brooklyn for years until he finally said the hell with it and moved to Seattle. This blog is my life and times in the Seattle music scene. If you wanna invite me to a show, send hate mail or naked photos, have me review your record, just shoot an e-mail to
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