Round of 256, Division H, Left Side

Well, it’s another exciting day in PCT land!  Apologies for the tardy post… blondie here was hanging out at her favorite place (the shopping mall) and decided to leave her keys in one of the stores and then convinced herself that she locked them in the car, had mall security break into the car for her, only to find that the keys were nowhere inside the vehicle and were eventually found in the store.  But enough about that… let’s talk about more exciting things, like today’s music match-ups!

I’d say it’s a rock-heavy day.  With the exception of the Pharcyde, all of today’s selections can be classified as rock, but don’t think they lack variety – we’ve got everything from banjos to crying (laughing?) babies featured in these songs, artists from around the globe, and multiple decades represented.  Grooveshark link is here.  Votes are due via the comment section by Wednesday, June 22, at 8 pm EST.

#1 Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) vs. #16 The Funeral (Band of Horses)
In the battle of bands from dreary, soggy lands, UK folk rockers Mumford & Sons take on Seattle’s Band of Horses with each of their first big singles.

#8 Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) vs. #9 Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The)
Representing the 90s, we have major hits from two groups that were quite influential in their respective genres – San Diego grunge rockers STP take on LA “alternative hip-hop”pers the Pharcyde.  Fun fact: The Pharcyde members originally met as dancers before they turned their careers toward music.

#4 People C’mon (Delta Spirit) vs. #13 Whiskey River (Willie Nelson)
Delta Spirit, a current Californian Americana-ish rock band that’s become known for using trash can lids as percussion is up against Nelson’s classic Americana song from the 70s (co-written by country singer Johnny Bush – yeah, I don’t know who that is either.)

#5 Bang! (The Raveonettes) vs. #12 Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation)
Hello, Scandinavia!  Danish indie rock duo the Raveonettes battle Swedish progressive metal band Pain of Salvation.  All of Pain of Salvation’s albums are concept albums.

I’m anticipating some high scores and close battles this round.  Happy voting!

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42 Responses to Round of 256, Division H, Left Side

  1. Lolly says:

    Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) = 9
    vs. The Funeral (Band of Horses) = 8
    Love both of these songs, but has to go to LLM. I’ve run into Marcus Mumford several times at a bar close to my house, ever looking confused…kinda makes me want to give him a hug.

    Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) = 8
    vs. Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) = 5

    People C’mon (Delta Spirit) = 6.5
    vs. Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) = 7.5
    Willie every time….well, nearly.

    Bang! (The Raveonettes) = 6
    vs. Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) = 5

  2. Danno says:

    #1 Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) 8
    #16 The Funeral (Band of Horses) 4
    I’ve liked everything from Mumford that popped up in these tournaments, but still haven’t listened to the album…gotta remedy that. Never been able to get into Band of Horses. I think it’s his voice…I like it musically.

    #8 Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) 8.5
    #9 Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) 2.5
    Definitely my favorite STP song. Really not liking what’s going on in the background of PMB.

    #4 People C’mon (Delta Spirit) 4
    #13 Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) 5

    #5 Bang! (The Raveonettes) 3.5
    #12 Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) 1.5
    Whoever thought it would be a good idea to put a baby in a song was wrong. If I wanted to hear that, I’d go back to Marc’s house 🙂

    • aiko says:

      I mentioned this in my comment below but I want to try this embedding video thing again… If you kind of like BoH, you might like his previous band, Carissa’s Wierd. I prefer them.

  3. aiko says:

    Alithea is joining us again! Votes are me/Alithea.

    #1 Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) – 9.5 / 5.5
    #16 The Funeral (Band of Horses) – 6 / 3
    I was really digging that Mumford & Sons song. If, a la Danno, you like the music of Band of Horses but not his voice, you should check out Carissa’s Wierd (sic), which preceded this band and is balanced by a female counterpart. I like them a whole lot. Alithea’s comment is that The Funeral does not to need be 5.5 minutes long, it would get the same thing accomplished in 2. Also it gave her flashback to working at Urban Outfitters over Christmas.

    #8 Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) – 3.5 / 4
    #9 Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) – 4.5 / 4.5
    STP is best left in the 90s. The Pharcyde didn’t really do anything for me.

    #4 People C’mon (Delta Spirit) – 6.5 / 5
    #13 Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) – 5 / 7
    I just realized that I’ve been mixing up Neil Young and Willie Nelson. Alithea gives an extra point to Willie for that time he owed all those taxes and ended up having to do Taco Bell commercials.

    #5 Bang! (The Raveonettes) – 9.5 / 7.75
    #12 Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) – 4 / 1
    The Raveonettes are great, and this is a great selection from them.

  4. sarita says:

    #1 Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) – 10 – My first ten of the tournament! Well deserved. Still bummed I missed their sold out show in Chicago. When did they become so popular??
    vs. #16 The Funeral (Band of Horses) – 6.5 – I kinda wish this weren’t up against Mumford but I’ll do the right thing and give it a good rating.

    #8 Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) – 7.5 –
    vs. #9 Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) – 6 – surprising

    #4 People C’mon (Delta Spirit) – 7 –
    vs. #13 Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) – 5 –

    #5 Bang! (The Raveonettes) – 5 –
    vs. #12 Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) – 4 – I appreciate the message, but don’t know how to feel about the creepy kid sounds (I say creepy, but it was impossible not to smile when I heard them laugh). I guess I’ll settle with feeling content/impressed/reflective about how effectively those brief noises make clear to us what’s important in life. Luckily for MTV I doubt this song will change many people’s minds.

  5. G says:

    Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) 9 [Mumford gets whapped a lot for being derivative, and the banjo playing is somewhere between Trampled By Turtles and O’Death, and there’s lots of Fleet Foxes harmonies, etc. but those are all great bands, so if they’re snipping stuff, they’re snipping the right stuff.]
    The Funeral (Band of Horses) 8.5

    Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) 8
    Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) 4.0

    People C’mon (Delta Spirit) 7 [I almost nominated their song St. Francis.]
    Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) 4.5 [fine song, but too simple. This subject matter always gets a few extra points.]

    Bang (The Raveonettes) 10 [summer!!!! summer!!! summer!!!! summer!!!!]
    Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) 2 [new metal god-rock with baby sounds that contains the lyrics “sick of the homies”? Here’s the lyrics if anyone is interested:

    Personally, I’d say if you wanna go after the posers “chickenheads”, you join up with capt. ironiclese and do it like this:

  6. nataliebabij says:

    little lion man – 9
    the funeral – 8

    interstate love song – 8.5
    passing me by – 6

    people c’mon – 6.5
    whiskey river – 9

    bang – 6
    cribcaged – 1.5

  7. Chris Roomba says:

    #1 Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) vs. #16 The Funeral (Band of Horses): 10/6
    See, Mumford & Sons really remind me of “the (NY) Capital District’s Premiere Irish Act HAIR OF THE DOG!” Which is saying something, because I love H.O.D., but Mumford is just better. I was pretty surprised by The Funeral, because having not heard it a) the title already had me depressed, and then b) it sounded a lot like Explosions in the Sky at first…and then somebody sang…and I didn’t hate it. Not at all. Really liked how it picked up towards the 3 minute mark. Good key change. Going to go buy that now.

    #8 Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) vs. #9 Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The): 6/5
    Nostalgia barely won out. Pharcyde needs to not sound like a mix between Vanilla Ice, Snow, and Flav

    #4 People C’mon (Delta Spirit) vs. #13 Whiskey River (Willie Nelson): 7/8
    Thanks for that Willie, you smokey SOB!

    #5 Bang! (The Raveonettes) vs. #12 Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation): 7/2
    I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  8. In defense of Passing Me By says:

    I may be breaking with proper tournament etiquette here, but before voting, I wanted to make the case for Passing Me By, a song I nominated. I’m not going to compare it to STP, because really, that would be kind of silly and pointless, but I will say this:

    Most rap coming out of LA in the early 90s focused on mowing down rivals during drive-bys and slapping bitches indiscriminately . Here’s a song by four guys from South Central who want to talk about…unrequited love. At the very least this track should get some novelty points. The Pharcyde was one of the few rap outfits not scared to laugh at itself (for example, Yo Mama is a four minute litany of momma jokes in hip hip form). But more importantly, they were willing to use the medium to explore other emotions besides bluster, which when you think about it it is kind of rare, at least at that time (one of my favorite tracks is Otha Fish, a remarkably honest reflection on moving past a busted relationship). I happen to think Passing Me By’s use of layered samples from tracks by Quincy Jones, Jimi Hendrix and Weather Report makes for a really rich sound, but the lyrics themselves stand on their own for their innovation, earnestness and (how often do you hear this word applied to hip hop) sweetness. So don’t hate on Pharcyde, at least not until you’ve heard the first couple verses.

    • In defense of Interstate Love Song says:

      Having nominated Interstate Love Song, I feel I should provide a rebutal.

      I nominated this song after not seeing any mention of STP in the last two tournaments. STP doesn’t seem to get the respect that other 90’s bands do, probably due to Scott Weiland’s never ending drug / legal problems. This song is great because it lulls you into a sort of daze with the soft guitar intro, then kicks you in the teeth with heavy drums and guitar. Put Weiland’s vocals on top of it all, and you have a well put together song. My write up pails in comparison to the Pharcyde defense, so I’ll just let the song defend itself from here.

      • janos marton says:

        I like it. People should definitely stand up for their choices, you guys are setting a good precedent.

  9. These are all really good match-ups:

    #1 Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) 7.6
    #16 The Funeral (Band of Horses) 7.8

    These are really similar songs in a lot of ways. LLM got as high as a 9.2 in the first couple minutes, I think catchy self-deprecation can be hit or miss like that. But then the end got really repetitive. I get it, Marcus. You fucked up. Just don’t do it again, it’s that easy. The Funeral is very Summer of 2009 to me, and that was simultaneously my most productive and craziest summer to date. I started a non-profit and got engaged. Exactly one of those worked out. Maybe one day all the regular voters will crash on an island and we can all have flashbacks that explain our lives as we fight smoke monsters and electromagnetism. In the meantime, I’ll just give the edge to Band of Horses.

    #8 Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) 7.0
    #9 Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) 7.0

    Thank you ILS nominator. When I was 14 I had an enormous poster of STP on my bedroom wall. My parents hated it because it was like all the band members holding their heads on drumsticks. Actually it was a pretty weird poster. But this song is great. Bonus points for talking about southern trains. Jacob, I feel you, is this the original version of this hook? I’ve heard this before, did the Roots sample this? Can’t place it. Anyways, I like it, and for the second consecutive round am going to call a tie.

    #4 People C’mon (Delta Spirit) 7.9
    #13 Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) 7.6

    #5 Bang! (The Raveonettes) 8.2
    #12 Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) 3

    Loved Bang, good pick-me up after a series of songs trapped in between 7 and 8 (the match-ups matter, but I think the order of the match-ups themselves matters too sometimes, like Adrock was saying.) PoS…yeah, I’m sorry, I think the number of songs with babies in the background that I can stand is…1:

  10. Wiggs says:

    #1 Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) 9.5…woah. Woahhhh nelly. Awesome. And I’m a sucker for liberal use of the f-bomb. Danno (nee Danderson in our neck of the woods) wasn’t joking when he said this tournament would introduce me to some amazing new songs.
    #16 The Funeral (Band of Horses) 4. In the dawg’s famous words, “It was just okay for me.”

    #8 Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) 10. A damn fine song.
    #9 Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) 3. It’s almost not fair to pit these two songs against each other. I gave it an extra sympathy point.

    #4 People C’mon (Delta Spirit) 8.5. You weren’t kidding about high scores this round! Love the old piano. Also, anything in a minor key always scores high with me…it must be my dark side.
    #13 Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) 7

    #5 Bang! (The Raveonettes) 4. Meh.
    #12 Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) 2. I don’t even like the baby in Isn’t She Lovely, and it’s Stevie! I feel like this is a joke song that Will Ferrell and Jack Black would sing. Admittedly, I’m not a lyrics person so I have no clue what the song is about.

    • Adrock says:

      I haven’t heard him called DAndersen in a long-ass time. Might need to return the qualifier “Infamous” to him at some point though… sounds cooler.

  11. Bday says:

    Little Lion Man: 9 (It would be a 10 if it weren’t played so heavily on those teen pop stations)
    Funeral: 5

    Interstate Love Song: 10 (I was only going to go with a 9, but seeing as someone else gave it a 10 already, I’ll hop on board)
    Passing Me By: 5

    People: 5
    Whiskey: 2

    Bang: 2
    Cribcage: 0 (I’m left wondering if this was meant as a joke?)

  12. In defense of Passing Me By says:

    Little Lion Man: 5 Clearly modern musical tastes have passed me by.
    Funeral: 7 Wait, this is modern and I like it. So I guess I’m not totally out of it.

    Interstate Love Song: 5 This is the STP song that everyone loves so much? I remember this tune getting plastered across the airwaves in high school. Kind of anodyne as far as grunge goes.
    Passing Me By: 10 (see above)

    People: 5
    Whiskey: 7

    Bang: 6
    Cribcage: 8 awesome. I would be happy if this song won the tournament.

  13. bergie19 says:

    Little Lion Man 8 Funeral 10

    darnit to heck. whyyyy must my pick (the funeral) be matched up against little lion man? i can’t deny that song! still think BOH takes it.

    Insterstate Love Song 8 Passing Me By 5

    if interstate love song doesn’t immediately transport you back in time you might want to check your pulse.

    People C’mon 5 Whiskey River 6

    neither song moved me either way, but enjoyed them both.

    Bang! 7 Cribcaged 2

    ew. i’m sorry. i just can’t even listen to a song with a baby sampled. no offense!

  14. Matt B says:

    #1 Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) – 8
    #16 The Funeral (Band of Horses) – 5.6

    As with many of the preceding comments, I dig me some Mumford & Sons. Funeral is practically the only Band of Horses song I ever cared for. Not a big fan of bands with a “majestic” sound, which inevitably is a word used to described BOH.

    #8 Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) – 5
    #9 Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) -5.4

    Interstate Love Song does not get the nostaligia points earned by some other ’90s rock. It just sounds dated and I can’t tell that it had any real lasting impact on our musical culture.

    I like the beats of the Pharcyde song. In terms of the nominator’s defense of this song, there are plenty of other acts that are on the positive tip (Blackalicious, k-os, etc.). Maybe those other groups aren’t from South Central, but I’m not sure that their hometown gets them any extra points. Slight preference for the Pharcyde song only because it is a little fresher sounding.

    #4 People C’mon (Delta Spirit) -7
    #13 Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) -7.5

    I like the jangly piano on the Delta Spirit tune, but Willie’s familiarity won me over.

    #5 Bang! (The Raveonettes) – 5.5
    #12 Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) – 4.0

    Bang! is a fine song but seemed a bit bland to me. I have no idea what Pain of Salvation is going on about in this song. Nor is it particularly catchy.

  15. Little Lion Man: 9
    Funeral: 8

    Interstate Love Song: 9.5
    Passing Me By: 4

    People: 7.5
    Whiskey: 8

    Bang: 6
    Cribcage: 0

    • janos marton says:

      Thanks for voting, Gabrielle!
      Just a heads up that zeroes are counted as “1” , though people do ocassionally post them to make emphatic statements.

  16. Adrock says:

    #1 Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) – 9
    #16 The Funeral (Band of Horses) – 6.8

    Little Lion Man is popping up everywhere for me these days, and it just gets better and better. Heard it at about 2am at a bachelor party weekend, in the midst of a bad impersonation of being able to play beer dice, and it just felt perfect. This is a small notch lower, as I’m sitting in the office, but a great song. Funeral was really cool – definitely going to follow Aiko’s advice and check out the prior band – i think a co-lead female vocal would be a great add. Thanks for clueing me in to both Aiko and whoever nominated this one!

    #8 Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) – 6
    #9 Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) 4.5

    I feel like most of the big 90s bands all did one or two things incredibly well but just weren’t even enough for me – STP has better vocals than most and cool guitar work, but the songs feel less substantial and i’ve never loved their lyrics. Liked the beats on Pharcyde, but not much else. And am I the only one who feels like edgy rap with good beats SHOULD be aggressive and offensive in lyrical content? It just feels “right” to me… much like a death metal song about unrequited love would sound damn weird… unless you responded to it by burying cat heads in the backyard or something more “normal”.

    #4 People C’mon (Delta Spirit) – 10
    #13 Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) 7.3

    Holy shit – where the hell did Delta Spirit come from, and why don’t I know them? This was absolutely dead on. Even beat an unexpectedly cool run by Willie. Pysched about both of these nominations, but Delta Spirit is getting a gold star. This matchup is why I love this tournament.

    #5 Bang! (The Raveonettes) – 5
    #12 Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) – 4

    So I actually like Pain of Salvation – and the intro guitar is cool… but wtf is up with the baby? There’s a lot of emotion in here, and tons of elements that I like on their own – but when combined, they just don’t work for me. As with everything they do, it’s really proggy – by which I mean it’s like 9 styles mushed into one song, and it’s either going to work for you… or not at all. This one just missed.

  17. Marc says:

    Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) – 8.5
    The Funeral (Band of Horses) – 5

    Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) – 6.5
    Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) 3.5

    People C’mon (Delta Spirit) – 8
    Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) – 6

    Bang! (The Raveonettes) – 4
    Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) – 2

  18. Meghan says:

    Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) 10
    The Funeral (Band of Horses) 6.5

    So I nominated Mumford- I’m glad so many people are enjoying it!

    Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) 6
    Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) 5

    People C’mon (Delta Spirit) 7
    Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) 7

    Tough one- I liked both of them.

    Bang! (The Raveonettes) 5
    Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) 4

  19. Eileen says:

    Little Lion Man – 5.0 vs The Funeral – 4.0

    Interstate Love Song – 4.5 vs Passing Me By – 2.0

    People C’Mon – 7.0 vs Whiskey River – 3.0

    Bang – 4.5 vs. Cribcaged – 4.5

  20. The Progenitor says:

    Little Lion Man – 7.5 vs The Funeral – 4.0 I really like Lion Man; lots of energy; listened thru a couple of times. Funeral, on the other hand, though not awful, was very unpleasant.

    Interstate Love Song – 4.5 vs Passing Me By – 2.5 – Love Song should have stayed out on the Interstate but what was that singing in Passing Me By?

    People C’Mon – 7.5 vs Whiskey River – 3.5 – People was a delight. Real funky; energetic; kept growin’ on me and not in a bad way, like warts. Willy is Willy and probably should hang it up; opening was a 2.0 but then things picked up. Must be losing by “twang” thing.

    Bang – 4.5 vs Cribcaged – 3.0 – Bang was tolerable at best and the baby and Cribcaged should go out with the bathwater.

  21. Anne S. says:

    little lion man – 7
    the funeral – 7
    Bah. Someone else decide.

    interstate love song – 7.5
    passing me by – 5

    people c’mon – 4
    whiskey river –6

    bang – 6.5 – The first day of summer might have bumped this a point.
    cribcaged – 1

  22. dj roomba says:

    Little Lion Man (Mumford & Sons): 9
    The Funeral (Band of Horses): 9
    I really love both of these songs. I am so sad to see one go and I didn’t want to contribute to that decision making.

    Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots): 7
    Passing me by (The Pharcyde): 5

    People C’Mon (Delta Spirit): 6
    Whiskey River (Willie Nelson): 6
    I have so say, these were both really good songs to listen to in the morning.

    Bang! (The Ravenettes): 6
    Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation): 3.5
    Initially, I had Cribcage as a “2” with a comment in my head of “no, no no no, no.” But listening to it now, I don’t completely hate it. It gives off the vibe of a song a villain would sing in a Disney movie. You know, like the scene in the Lion KIng where Scar is singing to his minion hyenas. That baby, though. Jeesh. Ugh.

  23. brian orce says:

    little lion man: 3. I think this dude thinks his strained, faux-emotional singing projects strong emotion. it doesn’t. also – you haven’t REALLY heard this song until you’ve heard your drunk irish (not a stereotype, but a fact) roommate belting it out at 6am on a weekday.
    the funeral: 6. i usually hate this type of vocals… and it grates on me a bit in this song, but the overall quality of the song shines through. a bit.

    interstate: 8.5. This song is 90s-as-fuck. Basically it’s what “Evenflow” would sound like if it was a good song.
    passing me by: 5. Boring.

    people c’mon: 8. Wow. Never heard of the song or the band, but I’m won over. Good pick.
    whiskey: 5. Meh.

    bang!: 8
    cribcaged: 3. Shut up.

  24. GGT says:

    little lion man – 9.9
    the funeral – 6.4

    interstate love song – 8.1
    passing me by – 8.5

    people c’mon – 6.1
    whiskey river –7.5

    bang – 4.4
    cribcaged – 3.3

  25. colincolinhunt says:

    Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) = 8.5
    vs. The Funeral (Band of Horses) = 8.5

    Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) = 7
    vs. Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) = 6.5

    People C’mon (Delta Spirit) = 6
    vs. Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) = 7

    Bang! (The Raveonettes) = 5.5
    vs. Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) = 4

  26. Mark O says:

    #1 Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) [7.5]
    #16 The Funeral (Band of Horses) [7]

    #8 Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) [7.25]
    #9 Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) [6]

    #4 People C’mon (Delta Spirit) [5]
    #13 Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) [5]

    #5 Bang! (The Raveonettes) [5.5]
    #12 Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) [3]

  27. bessaface says:

    #1 Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) [3]
    #16 The Funeral (Band of Horses) [10]

    There was a brief point in history when I believed all of life’s answers were found in LLM. Things have since changed. I even sold off my ticket to their wagon wheelhouse tour, or whatever it was called. There is something hyper self indulgent to that song and m&s in general, and I think their whole allure is fleeting. History will thank me for this keen insights later, I AM SURE OF IT. Anyway, the Funeral is TIMELESS. and this version is AMAZING: (as is their grand central version, also to be found on the youtubes).

    Thanks to the “aiko” person for the CW link! that was enjoyable.

    • bessaface says:

      rules are meant to be broken. but to satisfy “the man,” here goes:
      #8 Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) – 4
      #9 Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) – 3

      #4 People C’mon (Delta Spirit) – 7
      #13 Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) – 4

      #5 Bang! (The Raveonettes) – 5
      #12 Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) – 5

      i don’t fully “get” the raveonettes. but oh well. that’s probably my own fault.

      not enough fun songs in this round.

  28. janos marton says:

    #1 Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) 7.9
    #16 The Funeral (Band of Horses) 7.5
    So this is Band of Horses? Pretty good, but slight edge to Mumford.

    #8 Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots): 7.7
    #9 Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) 7.1
    I feel so informed after the spirited,: but civil exchange above. Mr. Day is right that it would have been an oversight to leave this out of two straight tournaments. And Mr. Press is right that this is highly innovative for an early 90s hip-hop song. Slight nod to STP.

    #4 People C’mon (Delta Spirit) : 7.2
    #13 Whiskey River (Willie Nelson): 8.2
    I really liked the Delta Spirit song, but by the time Willie finished I was bopping my head and had completely forgotten the previous song.

    #5 Bang! (The Raveonettes): 9 Wow, this song knocked me off my socks. Well no, I’m still here reading Mississippi law. But very catchy.
    #12 Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) 3.5 “Why so serious?” Don’t look now, but this is on its way to the lowest average of the tournament. I can see why.

    • You know, I’ve been thinking about this Stone Temple Pilots thing…while they were definitely a 90s band that we all knew, were they that innovative? I’m not sure it would have been such an egregious oversight to not have them in here.

      Counterpoint 1: Gin Blossoms (no songs in either tournament.) I don’t know about you guys, but there wouldn’t be a notable difference among Hey Jealousy, Til I Hear It From You, Until I Fall Away, Allison Road, or Follow You Down in my scoring, and I don’t think any of them would ever creep above a 7. And the Gin Blossoms themselves never really differentiated themselves musically, the biggest thing they did was land the Track 1 spot on the Empire Records soundtrack.

      Counterpoint 2: Bush (no songs in either tournament, although Glycerine came *this* close to getting a spot in the first one.) If two people got on buckets and debated Bush vs. STP, I’m not sure the argument would go anywhere, and it would end with a shrug of the shoulders and admission by both parties that neither was anything close to Nirvana, Weezer, the Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Beck, Counting Crows, etc.

      I guess what I’m saying is, as a formerly huge fan and as someone whose first concert was Stone Temple Pilots, I wouldn’t have lost sleep if they hadn’t been represented, there were way too many bands doing slightly different versions of the same thing in the 90s.

      • Mark B says:

        God, I used to LOVE Bush. Had a ton of fun at their live show in like 2001. But yes. I agree.

  29. Mark B says:

    #1 Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) – 9
    #16 The Funeral (Band of Horses) – 8
    I can’t confess to being wholly aboard the Mumford bandwagon but I’m watching very closely from a sidecar and I like it more and more. This song is brilliant. Oof – tough matchup with BOH…but Mumford takes this slightly for me.

    #8 Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) – 6
    #9 Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) – 3
    Haven’t heard Interstate Love Song is a very long time. Like. I won’t make a Passing Me By Joke…too easy.

    #4 People C’mon (Delta Spirit) – 5.5
    #13 Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) – 3
    I am not a WIllie fan. Enjoyed People C’Mon though…expect this one is a real grower.

    #5 Bang! (The Raveonettes) – 5
    #12 Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) – 2
    Honestly don’t know what to say about Bang…umm…I can’t decide whether I like it or dislike it…weird one. I feel like it’s semi awful and semi awesome in a funny kind of a way. I think that means I think it’s a 5? Cribcaged?! No. Kind of like Brand New but not even close to being as powerful…more Creed-like which is not a good thing for me.

  30. Maureen says:

    Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) – 8
    The Funeral (Band of Horses) – 7.5

    Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) – 5.5
    Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) – 7

    People C’mon (Delta Spirit) – 5.5
    Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) – 7.5

    Bang! (The Raveonettes) – 6
    Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) – 1
    That baby totally weirded me out…and really the whole song gave me the creeps. Shudder.

  31. lindsay says:

    Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) = 8.5
    vs. The Funeral (Band of Horses) = 8.5
    Sorry, I really really like both of these songs. I’m sure someone else will break my tie! I don’t know why, but when I listen to The Funeral, I vaguely remember having watched some extremely depressing animated video on youtube that was set to this song.

    Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) = 6.5
    vs. Passing Me By (Pharcyde, The) = 5
    I’ve always liked Interstate Love Song and sing along when it comes on the radio, but I don’t think it is anything to get too excited about. This Pharcyde tune was okay, but I can’t remember much about it now that it’s over.

    People C’mon (Delta Spirit) = 5
    vs. Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) = 9.5
    People C’mon isn’t bad and I might get into it after a few listens, but for such a peppy song, it didn’t get me very pumped up. I think I would really like it at a party, though.
    I nominated Whiskey River because I thought the last tournament was sorely lacking in good old country music. With a Twitty/Lynn duet already moving on this week, I’ll be less upset if Willie gets left behind. I really love this song, though. I think it is fun and accessible even to people who didn’t grow up listening to country music in rural Oklahoma. I am cutting it close on voting on time so I haven’t read comments yet but I hope you guys have liked my fun and twangy little nomination!

    Bang! (The Raveonettes) = 7.5
    vs. Cribcaged (Pain of Salvation) = 0
    I thought Bang! was fun. Cribcaged was creepy and I hated it. Sorry nominator. Not my bag At All.
    (I know a 0=1 but I hated hated that song)

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