Round of 256: Division F, Right Side Results

DJ Roomba and Family

Not a bad showing for a weekend set of matchups. 30 voters weighed in over the last 48 hours.  Most of these matchups were pretty uneventful though, following about the same trend throughout the two days of voting.  What was exciting though was the addition of 5 new voters in the last hour of voting.  “Family Roomba” is together for Father’s day, and what better way to celebrate than sitting back and listening some music?

First up, the Rolling Stones said “Get off my tournament!” and completely dominated Jimmy Eat World.  Jimmy is out of the tournament and the Stones are 2 for 2 in the Round of 256.  Get Off My Cloud advances. 196.1 to 165.3

Matchup #2, Home Sweet Home vs Corduroy was neck and neck up until the last minute, with Corduroy up 0.55 with an hour to go….at which point Family Roomba cleaned up (HA!) and single handedly decided their fate (tune in tomorrow to see Family Roomba drop an atomic bomb on an unsuspecting nominee).  Pearl Jam still has two more songs to go in the PCT.  Home Sweet Home wins.  181.8 to 171.3


Matchup #3 was another no brainer.  A lot of voters really seemed to struggle through the speaking part for the first minute of so of Let’s Just Kiss and Say Goodbye.  The Manhattans say goodbye to the music tournament.  Alex Chilton advances.  171.1 to 142.4

The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys was on a dangerous path, clocking in at 11:44 — the longest song in the tournament yet.  Some voters have expressed concern about people hating on longer songs in the tournament, but this matchup seems to show otherwise.  Traffic (picture on left…impressive bulge omitted) held onto a commanding 28.55 point lead.  Blackalicious can’t feel too good right now, because they are all done.  The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys advances.  170.5 to 141.9

Finally, a few readers have had some questions about voting, so we thought it would be a good time to revisit the topic.  Votes are on a scale of 1 to 10.  You can give a zero for emphasis if you hate a song, but it will count as a 1.  The values mean different things to everyone, but many voters come up with their own personal system for consistency sake. Personally, I evaluate the likelihood of whether I would change the station if it came on the radio.  Grant shared this great example:

1 = hate, like “cut off my ears” seriously hate. beyond awful.
2= Actively Dislike
3 = Dislike
4= Average [Factors include: For its genre /time period/ and usually less, my temperament and personal disposition to this genre/ etc.]
5 = Yeah/OK/Good
6= Pretty Good
7= Really Good (Great)
8 = Fantastic (Really Great)
9 = Exceptional
10 = Perfect

We don’t by any means enforce any ratings systems, but we would like to remind voters to keep it honest.  A song rated below 4 should be pretty bad in your book and not just used to boost the song you like.

Happy Father’s Day everyone!

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A Boston-born nerd, currently enjoying his last summer of freedom in Chicago.
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2 Responses to Round of 256: Division F, Right Side Results

  1. dj roomba says:

    Don’t I have a really adorable family? I recruited my bro-in-law to join in the tournament fun, so look out for his comments coming soon.

  2. Nick Heyming says:

    Man, my songs are dropping like flies. Looks like I shoulda gone with more obscure indie alt-rock instead of hip hop. Pretty thin demographic in this contest….

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