Round of 256: Division F, Left Side

I’m pleased to be posting for this round, so to listen go to the Grooveshark link, and submit your votes in the comment section below by 8pm EST on Saturday, June 18. We’ve got a bracket of returning champs, hopeful second-timers, and fresh faces.

#1 ’39 by Queen vs. #16 Careless Whisper by George Michael: Queen takes their second shot at ultimate glory after making it (with a little help from David Bowie) to the Final 2 in the LTD Music Tournament. This entry represents a lesser-known album track off their seminal “A Night at the Opera” album, and it squares off against “Careless Whisper,” which, despite being a 16-seed here by the grace of a not-necessarily-assured play-in victory over “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” apparently reached number one in nearly 25 countries.

#8 Son Of A Gun (The Vasolines) vs. #9 Smile (Smith Westerns): Classic vs. modern indie rock. The Vasolines influenced the likes of Kurt Cobain, who did it “the Vasoline’s way” when performing “Jesus Doesn’t Want Me for a Sunbeam” on Nirvana’s bittersweet Unplugged album. Smith Westerns are, according to nominator Grant, “very good and people should probably vote for them.” That’s what you get when I refuse to do my own research.

#4 Halfway Home (TV On The Radio) vs #13 Apache (Sugar Hill Gang): There was a stretch of time in about 2004 when I accidentally saw TV on the Radio a whole lot, and they were just okay with touches of brilliance. They’ve since tamped down the headache-inducing feedback that was a staple of their early work, evolving into an accessible band with an experimental streak. Sugar Hill Gang gained some traction in the last tourney with the delightful but 14-minute-long “Rapper’s Delight,” which inevitably fell to our voters’ ADD. Can they capture our voters’ attention for only 6 minutes this time around?

#5 In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) vs #12 Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar)
In this match-up we have pint-sized Pat Benatar squaring off with her best shot against Phil Collins, who apparently wrote this song about divorce and not about witnessing a drowning, as urban legend would have it. Therefore, you should definitely listen to that episode of This American Life where Phil Collins helps Starlee Kline write a break up song. You will enjoy it if you have two ears and a heart.

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39 Responses to Round of 256: Division F, Left Side

  1. G says:

    ’39 by Queen – 8.5 [great tune, and I forgive all the theatrics because it’s Queen. Plus, it seems to be the inspiration for Blitzen Trappers’s song Furr:
    Careless Whisper by George Michael – 2.5

    Son Of A Gun (The Vasolines) 7.5 [Saw the Vasolines at Bowery Ballroom a few years ago and realized that Francis (for whom Cobain named his daughter) became a nun for like 10 years. Simple, fun song and great summer jam.]
    Smile (Smith Westerns) 10.0 [Dropping my first 10 of the tournament. When I first heard this track it leapt off the album, which is full of other good songs. It’s a modern-pscyhrock throwback, with Beatles-esque “while my guitar gently weeps” guitar and stones “can’t always get what you want” choruses while still sounding new. As much as I love the Vasolines, I think this is just the better song. Plus, I love how the vocals blend into the music but all the words are still audible and catchy.]

    Halfway Home (TV On The Radio) 9.5
    Apache (Sugar Hill Gang) 7.0

    In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) – 5.5 [I came in open-minded and definitely understand why people like this, and why some will hate it ; )]
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar) 6.5 [tonight, reminded me of built-this-city in the wrong way, but I generally really like this song.]

  2. aiko says:

    I’m voting with my roommate Alithea tonight. Votes: Aiko/Alithea

    ’39 by Queen – 9/7.5
    Careless Whisper by George Michael – 3/2.5
    ’39 is another one of my nominations and my number 1 seed… but it’s actually maybe not my favorite of the songs I submitted? Actually it’s definitely not. I think I put it first because I felt it would have widespread appeal. Mostly, I don’t understand how seeding works. Regardless it seems to not matter too much in this round. Except for this happens to be up against a play-in song which was pretty crummy. Although Careless Whisper was slightly less terrible this time.

    Son Of A Gun (The Vasolines) 7/8
    Smile (Smith Westerns) 8/6.5
    Alithea says she really likes the Vasolines and thinks that they are incredibly underrated. Aiko agrees, because she has always heard of them but realizes she maybe has never heard their music. (Sorry if slipping entirely into 3rd person was weird there).

    Halfway Home (TV On The Radio) 7.5/7
    Apache (Sugar Hill Gang) 6/6.5
    I just have to share that Alithea referred to them as “TV on the Radiohead.” That song really starts to rock towards the end, whereas Apache starts to rock less. But it’s better to end strong than to start strong.

    In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) – 7.2/7
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar) — 7/7.5
    I really like it when the drums get all intense in “In the Air Tonight.”

  3. lindsay says:

    ’39 v. Careless Whisper 8/7
    Queen is always fun. I’m not sure how this will hold up to multiple listens, but I’m digging it tonight. Also digging: the cheesy sax in Careless Whisper, but not my favorite George Michael.

    Son of A Gun v. Smile 4/7.5
    I didn’t like either of the voices in Son of a Gun. I really enjoyed Smile, though.

    Halfway Home v. Apache 3/0.5
    Halfway Home kind of turned into background noise for me. I hadn’t listened to Apache since I was a kid. I recognize and appreciate the contribution that the Sugarhill Gang made to rap music, but this song is the pits. It’s kinda catchy, but the lyrics are pretty dang offensive to this little Cherokee girl.

    In the Air Tonight v. Hit Me w/ your Best Shot 6.5/5.5

  4. Defender of the Long Song says:

    ’39 by Queen – 7
    Careless Whisper by George Michael – 6 This song is one of George Michael’s cheesier offerings, but it definitely puts me in the mood…to listen to some Wham.

    Son Of A Gun (The Vasolines) 5
    Smile (Smith Westerns) 8 I’m going to buy this album. Awesome.

    Halfway Home (TV On The Radio) 7 As much as I don’t want to admit it, this is definitely a cool track. Great production, great build up. It reminds me of the song they’d play in a movie where an android that looks just like a human, but who didn’t realize he was a machine comes to terms with his condition and goes out night clubbing and bangs a lot of human chicks to show that he can still throw down even though he’s a robot.

    Apache (Sugar Hill Gang) 10 I nominated this song, mainly because it’s what they usually play during the “dance-cam” sequence at Wizards games. Given the Wizards’ pitiful performance this season, the dance cam was often the highlight of the game. Besides that personal association, I do love the bongos underneath this track. And the main theme is classic. Hahoonga hoonga hoonga!

    Also, a note about long songs: I’ve now nominated two songs in excess of five minutes, and while I understand that most people make time to listen to these tracks every day and don’t want this daily exercise to drag, it’s not fair to punish songs that stretch out. In other circumstances (ie when you’re not trying to cram eight songs into your allotted “listening time”), long songs allow you to get lost and can carry you along. No need to let your impatience guide your scoring just because you don’t have time to appreciate it now. Imagine if movie reviewers panned every movie that lasted more than 90 minutes? Remember, just because a song is long doesn’t mean you have to listen to the whole thing either. You can get the point after a few minutes.

    In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) – 6 Mike Tyson’s goofy air drum solo in The Hangover doesn’t give this song any more cache than it deserved when it was featured in a sleazy Michelob commercial back in the late ’80s.
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar) – 6 Give me Blondie or Joan Jett any day.

    • Danno says:

      As someone who has penalized several of the long songs in this tournament so far (apologies if they were yours), I feel the need to address the other side of the argument. I have never penalized a song explicitly for being long. I could listen to all 9 minutes and 10 seconds of Freebird over and over again (cliche i know). The same for Metallica’s 9:49 Outlaw Torn (which would go down in brilliant flames in this tournament) or 9:47 ..And Justice for All. I think everyone has long songs they like and I totally agree that when you love the song, you can get completely lost in the song and it rocks.

      The inherent problem is when you don’t like the song from the very start. If I dock it a point for going on too long, it’s not because I’m watching the clock and trying to get out of here. Hell, I’m on vacation until the end of August, I have nothing better to do than sit around listening to music. When I ding it for length it’s because I’m rating the entire song and I think they made a poor choice not to end it sooner. To use your movie analogy, give me any of the Lord of the Rings movies (even the extended super ultra cuts) and I love them despite being 4 hours long….give me 2 and a half hours of Superman Returns or 146 minutes of A.I. Artificial Intelligence…they could have trimmed some fat.

      With that said, I enjoyed all 6 minutes and 13 seconds of Apache 🙂

  5. #1 ’39 by Queen: 9.8
    #16 Careless Whisper by George Michael: 5

    I went Rapture camping with “best comment” winner Ryan in Shenandoah a month ago or so, and chose two songs that were new-to-me nominees to play as we sat around on logs and waited for the zombie war to begin at 6 PM. One was ’39 and I think the force of Freddie Mercury playing out of my phone kept the world from ending. This one is fantastic for a lot of reasons, is already on my principal CD mix in my car, and a regular on the dog walk playlist. Careless Whisper skips somewhere around 3:30, but I won’t fault it. This isn’t terrible— the guilt of infidelity should really be accompanied by no other instrument than a tenor saxophone, but if Queen doesn’t win this I’m going to be really confused.

    #8 Son Of A Gun (The Vaselines): 6.8
    #9 Smile (Smith Westerns): 7.0

    Had to listen to these three times before I decided on scores. Son Of A Gun sounds like the song that would play in the background of a Michael Cera montage as he runs around a city with some girl. But I think that’s an indication of the Vaseline sound and its influence on modern music. That said, they’re just saying the same thing over and over again, yes? Smile didn’t do much for me at first, but on consecutive listens I started to like it— it’s less repetitive and the guitar licks are pretty nice. Smith Westerns by an inch. I have a feeling this is going to be a close match.

    #4 Halfway Home (TV On The Radio) 6.7
    #13 Apache (Sugar Hill Gang) 7.5

    #5 In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) 6.5
    #12 Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar) 7.2

    These are both 80s classics, not easy. The L train was never as sexy as it was in 1982 thanks to Rebecca De Mornay and ITAT. Pat Benatar is a welcome face to the tourney- in my aforementioned 80s Prom Song tourney that “Time After Time” won, “We Belong” was a close second. There was a time where this would have been a Phil Collins slam dunk, but I don’t think it’s today.

  6. Nick Heyming says:

    ’39 (Queen) ~ 6.1
    Careless Whisper (George Michael) ~ .1
    Never heard ’39 before. I prefer Queen’s more rockin’ stuff.
    Careless Whisper hurts.

    Son Of A Gun (The Vasolines) ~ 5.1
    Smile (Smith Westerns) ~ 6.7
    Son of a Gun was a little clangy for me. Maybe I need better speakers. Song started at a 7 and dropped precipitously.
    Smile, on the otherhand, I started at a 4, but it built for me up to a mid 6. Really didn’t like it to start, but the chorus grabbed me the third go ’round and the guitar on its own was nice. With more of the solo guitar it woulda been higher. That heavy handed orchestral stuff was too much.

    Halfway Home (TV On The Radio) ~ 6.5
    Apache (Sugar Hill Gang) ~ 10
    Halfway Home was pretty cool. Apache is one of my alltime favorites though. Just pure bliss.


    Just so you know, I rate alot of these songs on how well I can groove to them. Most the time I put my laptop outside, grab some practice swords or staves, and then rock out. Apache happens to be the best song in the universe to breakdance to.

    In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) ~ 5.8
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar) ~ 8.8
    Don't click on this link if you haven't seen the hangover:

    Phil Collins kinda sucks, but this song has nostalgia value.
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot is what rock and roll is all about.

  7. Troch says:

    ’39 by Queen 7
    #16 Careless Whisper by George Michael 8

    Son Of A Gun (The Vasolines) 1
    Smile (Smith Westerns) 2
    both really hard to listen to.

    Halfway Home (TV On The Radio) 2 -didn’t even make it to 30 seconds before i stopped listening to it.
    Apache (Sugar Hill Gang) 7

    In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) 9- awesome tune. maybe the best song to air drum to while driving.
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar) 7.5

  8. Danno says:

    ’39: 5.5
    Careless Whisper: 6
    I can’t believe I just voted George Michael over Queen. But after watching the following video, I can’t help but laugh when I hear it:

    Son of a gun: 4
    Smile: 3.5
    Really not digging the female vocals in SOAG…otherwise the song was pretty decent. I like the lone guitar parts of Smile, but everything else was a little too…echo-ey (is that a word?) for me.

    Halfway home: 3.5
    Apache: 6.5
    Halfway home picked up an extra .5 around 4:20 when they stopped singing…for whatever reason really dug that part. Damn Apache has a catchy beat. It also gains a point because Troch’s brother blew out his knee doing the dance to this a while back.

    In the air tonight: 5
    hit me with your best shot: 8
    ITAT is a good song…just kind of a downer. I don’t see it going very far. HMWYBS is just 80s awesomeness (ok fine, it was released in 79, but it’s still an 80s song to me).

  9. Mark O says:

    ’39 by Queen 5
    Careless Whisper by George Michael 6.5

    Son Of A Gun (The Vasolines) 4
    Smile (Smith Westerns) 3

    Halfway Home (TV On The Radio) 3
    Apache (Sugar Hill Gang) 5

    In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) 8.5
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar) 8

  10. colincolinhunt says:

    ’39 (Queen) 7.5
    Careless Whisper (George Michael) 2
    Queen song sounded like a John Denver tune. I dug it. Never heard that one before.
    Sorry, Georgios, not my favorite.

    Son Of A Gun (The Vasolines) 6.5
    Smile (Smith Westerns) 5

    Halfway Home (TV On The Radio) 8
    Apache (Sugar Hill Gang) 8
    Listened to both twice. I can’t decide. Both great.

    In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) 9.5
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar) 4
    Sorry, Pat, but I’ve heard this song waaaay to much over the past year or so.

    Here is one of the best commercials of the past decade:

  11. brian orce says:

    39: 5 (annoying. about 35 okay seconds)
    careless whisper: 8 (perhaps the cheesiest song ever. in fact… i’d say it is the Archetypal (SAT WORD) Cheeseball Romantic song).

    son of a gun: 6
    smile: 6.5 (slightly more listenable than S of a G)

    halfway home: 7
    apache: 8 (basically the upbeat version of careless whisper… in my mind)

    in the air tonight: 9.5 (all but perfect)
    hit me with your best shot: 8 (i expect this matchup to be a nailbiter – both are deserving of a win)

  12. bday says:

    39: 7
    Careless Whisper: 3 Somehow I didn’t know this was George Michael. Doesn’t help the score though.

    Son of a Gun: 7 (score was helped by the fact that Nirvana covered this song)
    Smile: 3

    Halfway Home: 3
    Apache: 5 (score was helped by the Fresh Prince)

    In the Air Tonight: 9
    Hit Me: 3

  13. jsasstastic says:

    #1 ’39 by Queen: 8.5
    l’d never heard this until a few weeks ago, and man, how had it been so long? Pretty great.
    #16 Careless Whisper by George Michael: 7.5
    Love this song, but it’s sorta pop cheesy, can’t beat Queen.

    #8 Son Of A Gun (The Vaselines): 5
    Liked this, but wasn’t super impressed.
    #9 Smile (Smith Westerns): 7.5
    Wow. Never heard this one, either, but super fun sound. l’m psyched to check out more of these guys.

    #4 Halfway Home (TV On The Radio) 5
    Sorta bored! l enjoyed its pick up midway through, but….
    #13 Apache (Sugar Hill Gang) : 7
    ….this had me dancing. Of course. And laughing.

    #5 In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) 7.8
    Dang you, LTD organizers! Love both of these songs so much. While awesomely creepy and weirdly sexy, l don’t think this is Phil’s best work, however, hence my score.
    #12 Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar) 8
    l nominated this, and really wanna rep one of the most badass ladies of the ’80s and inspiration for much of today’s lady musicians. She just nails it here.

  14. Eileen says:

    ’39 – 5.0 vs Careless Whisper – 6.5

    Son of a Gun – 4.0 vs Smile – 3.0

    Halfway Home 4.0 vs Apache – 7.0

    In the Air Tonight – 8.0 vs Hit Me With your Best Shot – 7.0

  15. The Progenitor says:

    I remember having often been told to say nothing if I didn’t have anything good to say. I will give it a try.

    ’39 – 6.0 vs Careless Whisper – 7.0 – I have never heard this Queen track before and can not believe that it is really Freddie; even on tranquilizers. Did like it though, just very surprised. Maybe make a good cover for GBS. Careless takes this one narrowly because I was in the mood to be chilled. Maybe it was just the shock from hearing ’39.

    Son of a Gun – 3.0 vs Smile – 3.0 Not impressed with either so I am holding my tongue.

    Halfway Home – 4.0 vs Apache – 7.0 – Halfway is another “No Comment,” but Apache……..never a fan of this category (check my earlier comments) but this was just plain fun, even if it wasn’t P.C. But I don’t believe in being P.C. and this one made me laugh so I gave it an extra point.

    In the Air Tonight – 7.5 vs Hit Me – 7.0 – This one was close. Phil generally puts out a good product and this was no exception though it does tend to get a bit boring after awhile. I have heard better versions of Best Shot, however.

    See. I was good. But how long will it last.

  16. Jack says:

    Votes from me and Sam. Comments are mine.

    #1 ’39 by Queen = 5.5/8
    vs. #16 Careless Whisper by George Michael =3/3.5

    Queen without Bowie isn’t good but they’re not really playing the usual Queen sound with this track, so I can live with it.

    #8 Son Of A Gun (The Vasolines) = 5/3
    Wanted to like this, but they’re flat the whole song.

    vs. #9 Smile (Smith Westerns) =9/6

    Really confused by the low scores for this song. I could use more of the gravelly guitar but otherwise, excellent.

    #4 Halfway Home (TV On The Radio)= 10/10
    “Dear Science,” is the best album of the 00’s. This isn’t the best song on the album but it’s still a 10.

    vs. #13 Apache (Sugar Hill Gang)= 2/3.5

    This beat is good, but guys, this is a cover. And really racist. Rap hadn’t matured enough by the early 80’s to save this- the lyrics aren’t good at all.

    #5 In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins)= 7/8

    This song would be so much better performed by Iggy Pop or a black metal band. Still good.

    vs #12 Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar)6.5/6.5

    This song is fine.

  17. Adrock says:

    Scores are mine, then Meghan’s. I’ll follow Dad’s edict to say nothing much… but it’s not going to work any better for me than it will for him.

    ’39 by Queen – 7.5 / 7
    Careless Whisper by George Michael – 6.1 / 5

    A: Still feeling Careless Whisper a lot more than I would expect, but the long trail off knocks some points off

    Son Of A Gun (The Vasolines) 5.5 / 5
    Smile (Smith Westerns) 8.6 / 4

    A: Ooh really liked Smile. Never heard of Smith Westerns before, definitely looking them up. Thank you to whoever put this baby in there!

    Halfway Home (TV On The Radio) 6 / 4
    Apache (Sugar Hill Gang) 6.3/ 6.5

    A: Loved the first 3 minutes of Apache… then the last 3 minutes lost them a point and a half at least when it just kept going

    In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) – 10 / 5.5
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar) — 7 / 7.5

    A: So psyched someone nominated In the Air Tonight. I’m sure lots of folks have commented on it in the Hangover, but for me, this song is all about one of the quintessential moments of one of my all-time favorite shows: Miami Vice. Check this out – the height of perfect Vice.

  18. Adrock says:

    whoops, wrong link

  19. Lolly says:

    ’39 by Queen = 6.5
    vs. Careless Whisper by George Michael = 7.5
    Never thought I’d see the day that I would vote for George Michael over Queen…but ’39 just doesn’t hold up against Careless Whisper.

    Son Of A Gun (The Vasolines) = 6
    vs.Smile (Smith Westerns) = 4.5

    Halfway Home (TV On The Radio) = 3.5
    vs Apache (Sugar Hill Gang) = 7

    In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) = 7.5
    vs Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar) = 8.5

  20. asf says:

    ’39 – 6.5

    Careless Whisper – 6.5 – I want to hate this song, but can’t.

    son of a gun – 8.8 – I love the Vaselines.

    Smile – 7 – Nice song, might check out some more of these folks.

    Halfway Home – 8

    Apache – 7.5

    In the Air Tonight – 6.5

    Hit Me With Your Best Shot – 5.5

  21. Anne S. says:

    ’39 – 7.5

    Careless Whisper – 4

    son of a gun – 4

    Smile –6.5

    Halfway Home –5

    Apache – 6.5

    In the Air Tonight – 4

    Hit Me With Your Best Shot – 6

  22. Astrid says:

    ’39 by Queen 4.8 Queen without Freddie Mercury on lead vocals just doesn’t work for me.
    Careless Whisper by George Michael 3.9

    Son Of A Gun (The Vasolines) 4.2
    Smile (Smith Westerns) 5.8

    Halfway Home (TV On The Radio) 6
    Apache (Sugar Hill Gang) 7.3

    In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) 6.7
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar) 8.2

  23. zd says:

    ’39 (Queen) – 7
    Careless Whisper (George Michael) – 6

    Son Of A Gun (The Vasolines) – 5
    Smile (Smith Westerns) – 3

    Halfway Home (TV On The Radio) – 6.5
    Apache (Sugar Hill Gang) – 8

    In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) – 9
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar) – 7.5

  24. Mark B says:

    #1 ’39 by Queen: 5.5
    #16 Careless Whisper by George Michael: 4
    Ummm…well, I’ve never heard ’39 before which is a bit odd since I kinda like Queen. Bit weird but typically campy. Careless Whisper is a bit too sugary and I find the thought of George Michael to be…what’s the word?…….icky?

    #8 Son Of A Gun (The Vaselines): 6
    #9 Smile (Smith Westerns): 7
    Wow, I kind of love that The Vaselines are in this. When I saw ‘Smile’ I was hoping someone nominated Weezer’s ‘Smile’…because I fucking love it and it makes me wildly happy. Not heard this song before but I really liked it.

    #4 Halfway Home (TV On The Radio): 7
    #13 Apache (Sugar Hill Gang): 6.9
    TV On The Radio is a really great band and this album is a killer. Wow, it’s so hard to compare these two! Ugh. Um…OK, edge to TVOTR because I like Apache for novelty reasons and because it includes the lyric “ah-unga-unga-unga-unga”.

    #5 In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins): 9.5
    #12 Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar): 7.5
    I thank my Dad at least five times a day for playing The Phil in the car on almost every car ride we ever went on. This song is really great. I’ll save the waxing lyrical for later in the tournament. I wish someone hadn’t already posted the Cadbury Gorilla advert…damn. Will have to get in earlier next time. Oh, Pat – you have nothing on The Phil but I quite like you all the same and you make me smile and want to do silly things.

    Factoid: In The Air Tonight is really hard to pull off on the hardest setting on American idol on the Wii. Simon Cowell always tells me the song’s too much for me. Anything that beats me at karaoke deserves some big points.

  25. sarita says:

    queen – 5.5 –
    george michael – 2 –

    the vaselines – 4 –
    smith westerns – 5 –

    tv on the radio – 4.5 –
    sugar hill – 6 –

    phil collins – 7 –
    pat benatar – 7.3 –

    last minute post! hurried home to get to it in time 🙂

  26. Tessa says:

    ’39 by Queen = 6 Decent song, but Queen minus David Bowie minus any kind of epic quality just isn’t as fun.

    Careless Whisper by George Michael = 2.5 That one time a man in a pleather suit tried to seduce me in an elevator, I’m pretty sure this was playing in the background.

    Son Of A Gun (The Vasolines) = 5.5 When the artists sound like they’re not really into it, neither am I, I guess.

    Smile (Smith Westerns) = 7 Instrumentals made up for some out of tune vocals (either that or for some reason I just don’t mind it)

    Halfway Home (TV On The Radio)= 10. Even a (relatively) mediocre recent T.V. on the Radio song is a 10. Musically complex/experimental yet beautiful, layers of instrumentals, interesting rhythms, and harmonious vocals that blend into the atmosphere yet have—always—extremely well-written, intelligent lyrics. One of the most musical, talented groups around today.

    Apache (Sugar Hill Gang)= 1.5. But guys, it’s a nostalgic racism!

    In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins)= 3. “I think Phil Collins works best within the confines of the group, than as a solo artist, and I stress the word artist.”

    Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar) 5.5 I don’t dislike this song…

  27. janos marton says:

    ’39 by Queen 8
    #16 Careless Whisper by George Michael 5

    Son Of A Gun (The Vasolines) 8.5
    Smile (Smith Westerns) 5.5

    Halfway Home (TV On The Radio) 7.6
    Apache (Sugar Hill Gang) 7.3

    In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) 7.
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar) 6.5

  28. Tessa says:

    I got that in *just* in time. Thanks to organizers of this tournament, this was a lot of fun and I’ll be back to vote again!

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