Round of 256: Division B, Right Side

Another fine day in Division B.  Listen to the matchups here, and vote by commenting below or emailing by 8pm (EST) on Thursday.

#2 Allison (Elvis Costello) vs. #15 Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin). We’ve gone plenty inter-generational before, but having watched Midnight Spin cover Elvis Costello, I very much look forward to this master/apprentice match-up.  Allison is a classic, but the Independent Music Awards just named Trigger Finger Itch the Best Indie Rock Song of 2010.#7 All Shook Up (Elvis Presley) vs. #10 This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters).  Wow, now THIS is an interesting cross-generational match-up.  I guess Elvis was a punk in his own way.  This song makes me think of the scene where Edward Bloom jumps out of the airplane in Big Fish.

#3 Hold On, Hold  On (Neko Case) vs. #14 The Next Episode (Dr. Dre).  Dre as a #14 seed? This has upset potential written all over it.

#6 Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper) vs. #11 Going Underground (The Jam)

A parting word: as we march through Round 1 and attempt to Grooveshark everyone’s picks, mistakes will inevitably be made.  I encourage anyone who has their nomination playing on a given evening to check out the version we’ve downloaded early, so we can make a correction before many people vote on the wrong version.

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65 Responses to Round of 256: Division B, Right Side

  1. JP says:

    Allison- 6
    Trigger finger – 3

    all shook up – 5
    Bastards life – 4

    hold on hold on – 4
    Next episode – 6

    time after time – 4
    under ground – 5

  2. Liz says:

    #2 Allison (Elvis Costello): Really like it. Didn’t realize I really liked Elvis Costello – thanks, nominator! 7.5
    #15 Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): Oh crap. 30 seconds in and I LOVE this song. Sorry Elvis. I guess I’m in the mood for something a bit more uptempo tonight? 9.

    #7 All Shook Up (Elvis Presley) 6.
    #10 This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters) 7.

    #3 Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case) This is an entire round of songs I haven’t heard before. Fantastic! 9.
    #14 The Next Episode (Dr. Dre). I lied – I’ve heard this before, at least, I’ve heard the edited version. But I really like this one too. Crap again. I like Neko better, but I’d be down with Dre moving on. 8.5.

    #6 Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper). Sounded better about 10 years ago. 6.5
    #11 Going Underground (The Jam). Love it. 8

  3. Lolly says:

    2 Allison (Elvis Costello) = 5
    vs. #15 Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin) = 6

    #7 All Shook Up (Elvis Presley) = 7.5
    vs. #10 This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters) = 6

    3 Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case) = 7.5
    vs. #14 The Next Episode (Dr. Dre) = 7

    #6 Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper) = 7.5
    vs. #11 Going Underground (The Jam) = 4.5

  4. adam says:

    Allison (Elvis Costello) v Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin) = 3.5 to 6

    All Shook Up (Elvis Presley) v This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters) = 5 to 8.5
    I prefer when Elvis is hitting it harder. Went to a lot of basement shows growing up, but one of my first capital P punk shows was in Marshall, MI – some local bands played, and Good Riddance and Swinging Utters were on tour. I was young enough that my mom drove me and dropped me off. I hung out for hours by myself, met new people, and had one of those nights. So that’s what it’s still all about for me – get in a goddman van, play in a vfw hall in some small town for a bunch of misfit kids and blow the roof off. Hope the Swinging Utters advance.

    Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case) v The Next Episode (Dr. Dre) = 4 to 8.5
    Can we do a Nate Dogg tourney next?

    Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper) v Going Underground (The Jam) = 5 to 9
    The public gets what the public wants

  5. G says:

    Allison- 2.5 [I actively cringe all the way up the elevator to the floor the is chorus then it’s ok]
    Trigger finger – 6.5 [forgot how nice that reverb clean guitar sounds on this]

    all shook up – 8
    Bastards life – 6.5

    hold on hold on – 6
    Next episode – 9

    time after time – 9.5 [the 80’s]
    under ground – 7

  6. aiko says:

    Allison- 6.9
    Trigger finger – 4.7
    Round numbers just seemed wrong for this match up.

    all shook up – 7
    Bastards life – 3
    Neko blew whatever was happening before her out of the water. Sorry, Bastards.

    hold on hold on – 9
    Next episode – 7.5
    I doubt Neko will win because Next Episode is bouncy and catchy and famous and all, but her voice is nothing short of a natural phenomenon. It is otherworldly and arresting, and if you ever have the opportunity to see her live, drop everything and go, because it will seep into your every pore and you’ll never quite be the same again.

    time after time – 9.5
    under ground – 6
    Time After Time is a good song for all times. And Cyndi Lauper’s existence makes me happy.

  7. Matt B says:

    #2 Allison (Elvis Costello) = 5
    vs. #15 Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin) = 7
    – Never was a big Elvis Costello fan and had never heard of Midnight Spin, but Trigger Finger Itch is just much more my type of sound.

    #7 All Shook Up (Elvis Presley) = 6
    vs. #10 This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters) = 4
    – Elvis gets the win for being classic. Swinging Utters made me want to like them, but ultimately they sounded like a band I might have seen when I was a kid and my Mom dropped me off to see a “battle of the bands” in some local church or VFW hall.

    3 Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case) = 7
    vs. #14 The Next Episode (Dr. Dre) = 7.5
    – If I were DJ’ing at someone’s apartment from their Ipod, I would never put on Neko Case, but I can definitely imagine the type of party where I’d drop on the Next Episode. Despite knowing exactly when I’d want to hear Dre, he barely squeeked out the win. I don’t think he’s going to make it that far and, perhaps, not even out of this round.

    #6 Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper) = 5
    vs. #11 Going Underground (The Jam) = 4.5
    – Another match-up that was hard to compare that contained two songs I wasn’t a big fan of. Another surprise win.

  8. Itching like a man on a fuzzy tree says:

    #2 Allison (Elvis Costello): 8 The line “my aim is true” comes to me every time I find myself urinating off of a roof.
    #15 Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): 2

    #7 All Shook Up (Elvis Presley) 6
    #10 This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters) 5

    #3 Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case) 5
    #14 The Next Episode (Dr. Dre) 4 West Coast rap…eh

    #6 Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper). 8 Is it just me or does this sound like a Police song?
    #11 Going Underground (The Jam) 5 Is it just me or does this sound like a Clash song?

  9. Sarah says:

    allison – 3
    TFI – 9

    all shook up – 6
    bastards life – 4

    hold on, hold on – 8.5 (i absolutely love neko – i’m voting for the sheer excitement that she was chosen for anything)
    next episode – 7.5

    time after time – 4
    going underground – 4.5

  10. Alex says:

    Allison- 6
    Trigger finger – 9

    all shook up – 5
    Bastards life – 3

    hold on hold on – 5
    Next episode – 8

    time after time – 8
    under ground – 5

  11. Allison- 7 (although I kind of wish this was “Less Than Zero” from the same album)
    Trigger finger – 4.5 (sorry boys)

    all shook up – 6.8
    Bastards life – 6.1

    hold on hold on – 7.8
    Next episode – 6

    Listen. I went to the Up In Smoke Tour at the MCI Center, which had dual function as the largest hot box I’ve ever been in. I appreciate this song and it’s got a lot of nostalgia tied to it. The Chronic 2001 was stuck in my CD player my entire senior year of high school But this track doesn’t really deserve to go on. I mean am I right? The New Pornographers lead lady gets my nod.

    time after time – 9.9
    under ground – 5

    9.9. Here is my confession- I am a sucker for 80s female rockers. I’m still kind of upset that there is no Heart in this tournament, those Wilson sisters deserve a shot. But this song of all songs is the queen of the category. I fucking love this song. In Biloxi in September 2006 we had an “80s Prom Song Music Tournament” of 32 songs and this won. And then I got voted Prom King (I’m happy to have socially peaked at 23 rather than 18, all things considered) and got to slow dance to TAT and it was nothing short of amazing. Finally, there is this, which I really hope three of my silly friends choreograph and perform at a function in the future.

    • aiko says:

      I am so very pleased you posted that video. That scene is one of the reasons this song gets such high ranks from me.

    • Mark B says:

      So I saw that you’d posted a video to accompany your Lauper victory but I couldn’t actually see the video (or title of it) on my iPad. I did however know precisely what it would be. I believe, music aside, that our mutual penchant for the ridiculous (and preferably 80s ridiculous…all those costume parties at school, perhaps?) is why we get on so well.

      • It’s true. I found my $5 gift certificate to Atticus in my trunk for my Sirius Black last Halloween, although I am still very disappointed that I misplaced my homemade wood-burned Azkaban sign somewhere between GPSCY and the Popeye’s walk-up window on Whalley Avenue. I just hope I can find a DC crew that can bring it just as hard come October.

    • dj roomba says:

      Bah! I forgot to vote in this round. But, I would have totally given this a 10, just because of this clip from Romy & Michele. Loooovvveee it!

    • mike says:

      i was worried about the midnight spin rating, but then i saw the cyndi lauper rating and quickly learned i should forget about it completely

  12. Carrie says:

    Allison (Elvis Costello): 4.5
    Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): 4

    All Shook Up (Elvis Presley): 7.5
    This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters): 5

    Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case): 6
    The Next Episode (Dr. Dre): 7

    Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper): 5
    Going Underground (The Jam): 5

  13. mike says:

    Allison (Elvis Costello): 9
    Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): 7

    All Shook Up (Elvis Presley): 7.5
    This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters): 4

    Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case): 6
    The Next Episode (Dr. Dre): 7

    Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper): 7
    Going Underground (The Jam): 8

  14. Danno says:

    Allison (Elvis Costello): 6
    Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): 8
    So rare that we get harder rocking stuff like trigger finger.

    All Shook Up (Elvis Presley): 6
    This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters): 6
    Man these first two matchups have such contrasting songs.

    Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case): 3.5
    The Next Episode (Dr. Dre): 7.5

    Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper): 5.5
    Going Underground (The Jam): 3

  15. jester of davidson county says:

    Allison (Elvis Costello): 5.5
    Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): 7

    All Shook Up (Elvis Presley): 8
    This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters): 5

    Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case): 7.8
    The Next Episode (Dr. Dre): 8
    There are much better neko songs and this dre song is iconic.

    Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper): 8
    Going Underground (The Jam): 3

  16. Zara Abedin says:

    Allison- 5
    Trigger finger – 8

    All shook up – 6
    Bastards life – 4

    Hold on hold on – 10
    Next episode – 2.5
    This is my all time favorite Neko song – the lyrics are just amazing. I was psyched for Dr. Dre, but I’m confused by the song choice. Really wasn’t feeling it.

    Time after time – 7
    Under ground – 5

  17. Ryan Quinnelly says:

    Allison (Elvis Costello): 11— I am losing faith in this tournament if this song is voted out, and especially over some nerdy pop-punk song. For one thing, almost everything Elvis Costello does is great, but this song is true genius; one of my all time favorites. Did you people even listen to the song? Really? “Well I see you got a husband now. Did he leave your pretty fingers lying in the wedding cake? You used to hold him right in your hand, and then he took all that he could take.”
    Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): 2

    All Shook Up (Elvis Presley): 7—I like the old timey Sun-era Elvis tunes, especially “Mystery Train” and “I Don’t Care if the Sun Don’t Shine,” etc., and this ones no exception, but not quite as good…
    This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters): 4— I give them a point or two for a cool band name, then another for asking “why can’t I lie cheat and steal?” That’s all I got though…

    Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case): 7— She’s got a wonderful voice and I like the vibe of this song. Can’t hear the lyrics too well, as the librarian just told me to keep my headphones lower… Bitch.
    The Next Episode (Dr. Dre): 8— Fortunately I am already familiar with these lyrics. This is a Party starter!

    Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper): 4— This song gives me a headache. Reminds me too much of being dragged through department stores as a kid.
    Going Underground (The Jam): 9— I’ve always loved this friggin song. The Jam is my jam!

  18. Sam says:

    Allison (Elvis Costello): 7— The chorus kicks in and I like this song, but until then I couldnt stand the verse at all. I guess I’m just not a huge fan of Elvis Costello’s voice, but there are plenty of apparently awesome voices out there i don’t like. I do appreciate the length of this song though.
    Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): 3– I just personally don’t like music like this.

    All Shook Up (Elvis Presley): 6-This song is fine, but just it does nothing for me as a song musically/lyrically/structurally to warrant higher than a 6. Do I want to get all nostalgic, vote based on the cultural significance of Elvis, blah blah……sure I do. But I’m not a Good-Ole Boy.
    This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters): 3.5–I’ll give them .5 because of the keychange in the chorus. Yea……

    Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case): 7.5-Never really listened to Neko Case, but this song makes me want to. I hear some Janis, Alanis and even a little Ani DiFranco. Somewhere I see this song being used in a Cameron Crowe movie, most likely with a bus driving down a road in Kansas. Sweet.
    The Next Episode (Dr. Dre): 7— Snoop gives this 2 points higher than I would rate it, considering he actually raps and was on fire during this point in time. It’s nice to listen to this and be reminded of how he deservedly got to be so famous/awesome. But what actually does Dre contribute to the song? It’s like a word cloud……

    Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper): 9— It should be a Police song (in reference to something someone wrote earlier). You can almost hear Sting harmonizing on himself in that chorus. Wiki says that 120 different bands have released covers of it. Awesome. I also really like how her voice goes a little out of tune on some of the chorus notes. Just a nicely arranged and thoughtful song. Brevity at its finest.
    Going Underground (The Jam): 3.5— I really like the bass. But that’s all I like.

  19. The Catholic says:

    Allison (Elvis Costello): 4
    Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): 3
    Like the instrumentals on Allison, did not enjoy the vocals at all.
    I liked the Weezeresque guitarwork from Midnight Spin until about 24 seconds in. Then I had to turn it down.

    All Shook Up (Elvis Presley): 7.7
    This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters): 4.2
    Elvis was a great change of pace after those first two. Classic. Simple. Solid.
    TBL was alright. A bit cacophanous.

    Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case): 3.9
    The Next Episode (Dr. Dre): 5.4
    Neko’s haunting lyrics didn’t do it for me.
    The Next Episode is not good hip hop. Its solid rap, but mediocre hip hop.

    Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper): 6.1
    Going Underground (The Jam): 4

  20. Eileen says:

    Allison – 7.0 vs Trigger Finger – 7.5
    All Shook Up – 8.5 vs This Bastard’s Life – 4.0
    Hold On, Hold On – 8.5 vs Next Episode 1.0 – the latter being misogynistic and vile
    Time After Time – 7.1 vs Going Underground – 7.0

  21. Jim Reid's Brother says:

    Costello – 7 – a well-written song, but the dry production choices leave me a bit cold
    Midnight Spin – 3 – overdramatic and whiny

    Elvis Prestley – 7.5 – this song ended at just the right time, and i never noticed the cool percussion before.
    Swingin’ Utters – 4

    Neko Case – 9.5 – beautiful instrumentation, and sometimes Neko’s voice is a bit too piercing for me, but she
    is at her best here. the dynamics of this song are perfectly executed. the haunting ending made me want to hit replay.
    Dre – 2.5 – I thought this was going to be “Nothing But a G Thang”. So disappointed. Dre’s lazy “whoopty whoot … what” always bothered me. (2.0 of these points belong to Nate Dogg.)

    Cindy Laupner – 9 – I once saw a lone frat boy at a mostly empty karaoke bar perform this song entirely in plaintive falsetto, perfectly nailing the harmony parts on his own, while dancing like a ballerina on his tip toes. It was one of the finest musical moments I have ever witnessed.
    The Jam – 7.5

  22. m-dub says:

    Allison- 6
    Trigger finger – 5

    all shook up – 6
    Bastards life –4

    hold on hold on – 8.5
    Next episode – 5

    time after time – 7
    under ground – 4

  23. janos marton says:

    Me and Cristina
    Allison: 7 / 7
    Trigger Finger Itch: 8 / 8.5

    All Shook: 8.1 / 7.5
    Bastards Life: 7.3 / 6.8

    Hold On Hold On 7.2 / 7 It’s heading for an easy win, so I promise to pay closer attention to the lyrics next time.
    Next Episode: 7.4 / 8.5

    Time After Time: 6.5 / 7.5 I really don’t want this to actually be a contender to win this thing. I see it has some fans, though.
    Going Underground: 7.5 / 7

  24. lindsay says:

    My sister Casey is staying the night with me tonight (because we became AUNTS this morning!!!!). Casey is playing along tonight. My score to the left, Casey’s to the right.

    Allison (Elvis Costello): 4/2
    Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): 3.5/6

    All Shook Up (Elvis Presley): 6/3
    This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters): 4/3

    Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case): 8/6
    The Next Episode (Dr. Dre): 5.5/8
    Neko has a great voice and Hold On is the kind of song I really like after an intense day. The Next Episode is fine, but didn’t really hit the spot for me tonight. Casey dug it.

    Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper): 9.5/8
    Going Underground (The Jam): 3/3
    I love Cyndi. Casey also enjoys Cyndi. She was our favorite tonight. The Jam is not our jam.

    Overall, the Earls Girls weren’t really feeling this Division. Division C looks great and I can’t wait for those match-ups.

  25. sarita says:

    Allison – 4 –
    Trigger- 4.5 –

    All Shook Up – 5 –
    Bastard – 6 –

    Hold On – 6.5 –
    Next Episode – 6.5 –

    Time After Time – 6.5 – a great song, but less good after being stuck in my head for hours
    Going Underground – 7 –

  26. The Progenitor says:

    Allison – 6.0 vs Trigger Finger – 4.5 —Allison was listenable and enjoyable but dated; Trigger Finger was not exactly a tune to chill with after a day at work, but, though not a fan of this category, it was better than most and the sound wasn’t bad.

    All Shook Up – 6.0 vs Bastard’s Life – 2.5 —Never a big Elvis fan, though I did see his first movie, Love Me Tender, during its original release (you do the math) but pop/rock music owes a huge debt to this man; besides the track finished within my attention span as did all the cuts in this bracket. Bastard’s Life – see comments above for Trigger Finger but nowhere near as good; best thing about it was the name of the artist.

    Hold On, Hold On – 7.5 vs The Next Episode – 1.0 —Neko was a big surprise; had heard the name but not associated it with any particular tracks I may have heard before; liked this one and listened a couple of times. Next Episode – not worthy of comment!

    Time After Time – 6.5 vs Going Underground – 4.0 — Second and bettere career for Cyndi but this was not one of her better tracks since being rejuvenated. Going Underground – nothing original here about the music; pretty simplistic.

  27. Kate M says:

    Wow- is it June? When did this happen… I hope none of my songs went without me… C’est le vie….Where do I find the bracket…..

    Alison: 3
    Trigger Finger: 4

    Elvis: 5
    Bastard: 3

    Neko Case: 4
    Dr. Dre: 1

    Time after Time: 3
    Going Underground: 2

  28. Adrock says:

    #2 Allison (Elvis Costello) 5.5
    #15 Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin) 8.8

    Allison was pretty good, and would definitely be great in the background of a stressful work day. Then came Trigger Finger – this was just flat awesome. Terrific pacing, engaging chorus, and it just continued and energy surge for me stemming from the best 3 days of Bruins hockey fandom in ages (other than the Game 7 victory over Montreal.. maybe). Thanks Janos, definitely adding this to the collection.

    #7 All Shook Up (Elvis Presley) 5
    #10 This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters) 6.2

    I really like All Shook Up, but following Midnight Spin, it sounded so thin and dated, I just couldn’t get into it. This Bastard’s Life is fun and has never produced a less-than-positive response from me – but it doesn’t really have 7+ potential. I look for it to get beaten on by Midnight Spin, but really happy to hear it here all the same.

    #3 Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case) 6.8
    #14 The Next Episode (Dr. Dre) 9.5

    Wow. Not sure who said it, but Neko has an amazing voice, I totally agree. I liked rather than loved the song, but would love to know what else of hers I should listen to? Great addition. Unfortunately, they are up against one of my all time favorite songs. Just can’t find anything negative to say about Next Episode.

    #6 Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper) 6
    #11 Going Underground (The Jam) 3.5

    Cyndi has a little of everything – fun, cheesiness, datedness, energy… can’t figure out what to do with it.
    Just couldn’t get into The Jam.

  29. Benji says:

    Allison – 5 vs Trigger Finger – 10 – I love Allison, and it was my parents’ wedding song, but… I’M TRYNA GET THAT OIL, ahhemm.
    All Shook Up – 7 vs This Bastard’s Life – 7.2
    Hold On, Hold On – 7.5 vs Next Episode 9
    Time After Time – 8.5 vs Going Underground – 5.0

  30. jill says:

    i vote for trigger finger itch – i don’t know what all these #s are about

    • janos marton says:

      You rate the songs on a scale from 1-10, both songs in the matchup (preferably all 4 matchups).
      If you just leave it as is “i prefer song x”, we defacto count that as a 7-5 victory for the song in question.

  31. Mark B says:

    #2 Allison (Elvis Costello): 8.5
    #15 Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): 2.5

    My first intro to Allison was on an acoustic compilation album back in the day. It was one of those songs I played on repeat over and over and still love it. There are some killer lines in there. Great pick; wish I’d thought of it. My guilty pleasure songs are all punk-pop. I f*ing love it…AAR, FOB, PATD, FOW, MCR, 3EB etc. Trigger Finger, however, is surely just not a very good song?

    #7 All Shook Up (Elvis Presley): 3.5
    #10 This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters): 5

    This is one of those Elvis songs that really bugs me…sorry. I know he’s The King and everything. Bastard’s Life is fine but I don’t think it’s memorable.

    #3 Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case): 4.5
    #14 The Next Episode (Dr. Dre): 5

    Again, liked Hold On but I don’t think I’ll remember it. The very mention of Snoop Dog is usually enough to make me run away from the speaker screaming but I was weirdly into this today. Doesn’t change the fact that I feel a bit silly listening to it.

    #6 Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper): 8.5
    #11 Going Underground (The Jam): 8.5

    I’ve been looking forward to this all round. Two awesome songs. I’m totally into this Lauper song and I don’t really know why, neither do I care. Did anyone see her on Celebrity Apprentice? LUNATIC. Going Underground really makes me want to dance around with arms and legs flailing all over the place, and that’s never a bad thing. I think it’s crazy-catchy. I’d be happy for either of these to take this round.

  32. Brett says:

    Midnight Spin 10! FTW!

    • janos marton says:

      Brett, do you have a score for Allison? If not, this will be counted as a 7-5 win for Trigger Finger Itch. Scores in other matchups, while not required, are encouraged.

      • G says:

        Nos, I think you should strike votes from voters that haven’t listened to all the songs in the bracket (unless they run out of time, etc). I think one of the precepts of this tournament is to actually listen to all the songs, give them a far shake at that particular day and time (without too much prejudice), and vote accordingly. I know the boys posted this on their web site, which is awesome, but it’s not a “contest” in the sense that most music polls are contests. It’s really great to get new voters and fans to support the music, but it shouldn’t undermine the basic ideals of the tourney. That’s my two cents anyway. That said, if you dig the song, you can buy Midnight Spin’s EP here:

        and give these guys support they need.

      • janos marton says:

        I think I will strike anyone who doesn’t give a score to Allison, because it would mean not listening to it.
        We haven’t had a ‘listen to all matchups’ rule before, so it wouldn’t be fair to start enforcing it now, but yeah, I’m with you in spirit.
        The main time people legitimately don’t do every matchup is in group settings- especially with friends of regular voters have mini listening parties.

      • G says:

        and if you’re here because you found it from the Midnight Spin link, that’s awesome! Just be sure to listen to all the songs!

  33. GGT says:

    Allison (Elvis Costello): 5.0
    Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): 5.5

    All Shook Up (Elvis Presley): 6.3
    This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters): 4.6

    Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case): 2.1
    The Next Episode (Dr. Dre): 8.5

    Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper): 6
    Going Underground (The Jam): 4

  34. Once upon a time there was a man named Jim Rock Schiller and a song he often performed that he had composed one late night called “Reverse Cowgirl.” In the first match-up of the first large-scale music tournament in history, Mr. Schiller performed this song live in front of a crowd of 50 in the community hall of the Beauvoir United Methodist Church. His opponent was Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come.” Schiller destroyed Cooke. In exit poll banter, an older septuagenarian short-termer was heard to mutter, “I gotta vote for the kid with the guitar, I don’t want to hurt his feelings or nothing. Look how many fans he’s got.”

    Soon after this match-up, Schiller moved out of that church. A number of weeks passed before his song was competing once again- this time via a scratchy recording a man named Marco Martoccia had made at a local talent show. The raucous fan base present for that initial play all forgot to show up to dinner to support RC, instead frequenting a local Pub as they often did. This left the fate of Cowgirl in the hands of a combination of administrative personnel, new listeners who knew nothing of the mythology, and myself.

    That night, Brown Eyed Girl obliterated Reverse Cowgirl. In the exit poll banter, a different older short-termer was heard to mutter, “how did this song beat Sam Cooke in your last round? Are you kids even old enough to know who Sam Cooke is? Unbelievable.”

    I tried to answer, but he was already muttering away and shaking his head toward the back door.

  35. Mark O says:

    Allison (Elvis Costello): 5
    Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): 6.5

    All Shook Up (Elvis Presley): 6
    This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters): 7

    Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case): 6.5
    The Next Episode (Dr. Dre): 7.5

    Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper): 7.25
    Going Underground (The Jam): 6.75

  36. John says:

    #2 Allison (Elvis Costello): meh 5.5
    #15 Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): Plain and simple: these guys rock 9.

    #7 All Shook Up (Elvis Presley) Amawshuka 8
    #10 This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters) 5

    #3 Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case) nothing to say 4
    #14 The Next Episode (Dr. Dre). I’ve got a fever and the cure is Dr. Dre 8

    #6 Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper). time after time 6
    #11 Going Underground (The Jam). good one 8

  37. Margot says:

    Allison (Elvis Costello): 5
    Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): 6

    All Shook Up (Elvis Presley): 6.5
    This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters): 2

    Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case): 10
    The Next Episode (Dr. Dre): 3

    Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper): 7.6
    Going Underground (The Jam): 4

  38. Astrid says:

    Allison (Elvis Costello): 8.9
    Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): 6.1

    All Shook Up (Elvis Presley): 8.8
    This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters): 7.1

    Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case): 5.9
    The Next Episode (Dr. Dre): 5

    Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper): 8.6
    Going Underground (The Jam): 7.9

  39. Jack says:

    Midnight spin…trigger finger itch all day!!!

  40. Jack says:

    Allison 7
    Trigger 9

    All Shook up 9
    The Bastard’s Life 6

    Hold on, Hold on 4
    The Next Episode 9

    Time After Time 8
    Going Underground 6

  41. natalie says:

    allison – 3
    trigger finger itch – 5

    all shook up – 4
    this bastard’s life – 7 (never heard these guys before – fun stuff)

    hold on, hold on – 9
    the next episode – 7.5
    tough one… i love neko…

    time after time – 7
    going underground – 5

  42. xenok says:

    Allison (Elvis Costello) 10 over Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin) 6
    You do know that I nominated an Elvis Costello song for this tourney, right? You do know that I had a huge crush on a girl called Allison in HS, right? Trigger Finger Itch wasn’t bad, but it sadly never stood a chance.

    All Shook Up (Elvis Presley) 6.5 over This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters) 5
    Not the King’s best, but even when he’s just decent, it’s good enough to advance.

    Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case) 6 over The Next Episode (Dr. Dre) 5.5
    When I saw Neko Case, I thought I was going to give her either a 10 or a 1. I don’t know that it is. There are times where I find her voice haunting and beautiful, and there are times where I find her scratchy/whiny and annoying. Hold On, Hold On, however, was neither, it was just … lukewarm? But at least she worked harder than Dr. Dre. C’mon Dre, don’t let Snoop do all the work. It did end with an awesome last line though (hence the extra 0.5)

    Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper) 8 over Going Underground (The Jam) 6
    I was born in the 70s (yes, I know I’m old), and hence 80s music hold a special place in my heart. I will defend it irrationally, let’s just move on.

  43. bday says:

    Trigger: 5

    All Shook: 4
    Bastard: 3

    Hold on: 4
    Next Episode: 7

    Time After Time: 1
    Going Under; 3

  44. Maureen says:

    Allison (Elvis Costello): 8.5
    Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): 5
    I love love love Allison, and mostly everything that Elvis Costello does. Trigger Finger = just okay.

    All Shook Up (Elvis Presley): 6
    This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters): 5.5
    I am a big Elvis fan – but this one didn’t do it for me today. Swinging Utters is worth a listen, but didn’t wow me.

    Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case): 9
    The Next Episode (Dr. Dre): 4
    Neko is somtimes just so perfect. Dre didn’t have a chance.

    Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper): 7.5
    Going Underground (The Jam): 7
    Had a hard time with this one – I have a soft spot for Time After Time, but I was totally feeling The Jam today. It was a close call – but I have to go with Cyndi.

  45. LSD says:

    Alison – Elvis Costello – 7.0
    Trigger Finger Itch – Midnight Spin – 7.1

    As someone who has RSVPed “yes” to several Midnight Spin shows and then failed to show up, I couldn’t pick “Alison” in good conscience.

    All Shook Up – Elvis Presley – 6.0
    This Bastard’s Life – Swingin’ Utters – 5.0


    Hold On Hold On – Neko Case – 8.5
    Next Episode – Dr. Dre – 9.0

    Whoever sent in Neko Case was on the right track, but if she’s gonna be up against D.R.E., give the girl a fighting chance and pick a song where she wails and there’s some power and momentum (see: “This Tornado Loves You”).

    Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper – 5.0
    Going Underground – The Jam – 6.0

    I’m pretty unenthusiastic about both of these, but I think “Time After Time” is extraordinarily played out at this point. I can’t even imagine myself being excited to hear it, except in some sort of situation where I’ve been kept in sound-proof solitary confinement for several years.

    On that note, I hope Janos doesn’t call me out for being a hater, because I read on the internet that he does that on the regular.

  46. Meghan says:

    Allison (Elvis Costello): 6
    Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin): 7

    All Shook Up (Elvis Presley): 9
    This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters): 5

    boo Adrock’s tournament integrity and not voting for my song.

    Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case): 5
    The Next Episode (Dr. Dre): 7.5

    Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper): 7
    Going Underground (The Jam): 7.5

  47. Rosalie says:

    Trigger Finger Itch all the way and I love Elvis Costello. I just really like the hook better.

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