Round of 256: Division B, Left Side Results

  It’s become clear that our seeding system does, in fact, lack the authority of the NCAA seeding system.   We are going to “re-rack” at the end of the Division Championships based on scoring averages through the first four rounds, so scoring matters even in early blow-out matches.

#1  (Toots and the Maytals) def. #16  Angel (Sarah McLachlan), 164-98.  The real battle was whether Toots would come out ahead of any other song on this side of the bracket besides Angel.   It barely did, and thus, I give you the only winning banner Toots is likely to receive this tournament.  Sarah bows out with a weak sauce 3.1 score average.

#8 Can You Get To That (Parliament) def. #9 Looking for a Kiss (New York Dolls), 200-161. Strong performances from both songs, but Parliament pulled this one out, and will be favored in the funk showdown next round. The Dolls are out (and now 0-3 over the last two tourneys).

#4 Clint Eastwood (Gorillaz) def. #13 The Modern Love (Bloc Party), 221-215.  Clint Eastwood sizzled, racking up a 7.3 average early on, and building a big lead. But Bloc Party came roaring back.  This one came down to the last few voters.  Nice win.

(Update) #12 Forgiven (Alanis Morissette) def. #5 Yankee Sailor (Great Big Sea) 172-166.  Angst was in, but then the flute (sorry, the fife) took over.  Like the matchup above it, and indeed, like the rolling seas, this one went down to the very last voter. I double checked scores after I saw Bridesmaids, then the TIVO’d NBA  Finals (it’s getting late) and indeed, when emailed scores are added to the total, Alanis pulls this out by 6. Every vote counts.

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