Division A Bracket Release!

Division A 1 Seed LCD Soundsystem

Alright everyone, here is the People’s Choice Tournament update. I have randomized all of the divisions and while we are still awaiting some nominations, I’m happy to report that Division A is now set. Take a peek and see if any of your songs made the first of our sixteen divisions. Strangely enough, the randomization I did resulted with Janos’s 1 seed being the one to kick off People’s Choice. Oh, the methodology I used for the seeding was as follows, if you are curious as to what we we were going to do with the song orders that you gave us.

Division A 2 Seed Robyn

Gold Tier voters’ 8 songs land in the 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15 seed spots.

Silver Tier voters’ 4 songs land in the 2, 6, 10, and 14 seed spots.

Bronze Tier voters’ 2 songs land in the 4 and 12 seed spots.

New voters fill in at 8 seed and 16 seed, as well as in other open spots that pop up, mostly according to what order they came in as well as some discretion.

As soon as we get all of our nominations I will be furiously bracket making Wednesday evening so to get those out for analysis as soon as possible. Remember, if you don’t have your nominations in by 5:00 PM EST tomorrow, you lose your nominations to new voters.

The following voters have multiple nominations and still haven’t submitted:

Division A 3 Seed Ray LaMontagne

Natalie, Margot, Virgil, Carrie, Cristina, Dinah, JimRock, Benji, Kate G, Matt O, Anna Z, Caroline, Dennys, and jsasstastic. I never noticed how many girls are on this list until just now- ladies, your gender may now be better at getting jobs than mine, but you are worse at nominating songs for online music tournaments (those two variables may in fact be correlated.) GET YOUR NOMINATIONS IN.

Love you mean it, love your work.


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