Living The Dream Music Tournament: Final Four Results

So that’s the first time I’ve misused the “continue reading” function of WordPress, because in fact you aren’t continuing reading, you are simply beginning to read. Yes.

Results are pretty, pretty huge. Today actually happens to be my 28th birthday, so I am very excited to be gifted such a turnout. New voter welcomes to JP and Mo Collins from my South days, Ashley T and Jack from MoCo, Matt B from my old Connecticut life, and then the other new voters; welcome back to one or two-timers popping back, Brig, Kate W, Clare K, Sam, Zac, others. And a welcome back, it’ll always be like you never left to old regulars that got busy, Kate G, Mark B, Carrie. We have a total of 44 voters, which shatters our old record of 29. Also, we set a new record for continents represented- with Clare voting from Uruguay and the Africa contingent voting from Uganda, we are also weirdly doing that with countries that all begin with the letter U.

Not sure what else there is to say here. I’m so proud of everything that has happened today, it’s really the best birthday present I could ask for. Later tonight we’ll be recording our second podcast, so look forward to that. And now results.

#1 Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie) defeats #5 Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), 362.93-323.31

Old high score was 249.4 by Bohemian Rhapsody, but the power of Bowie put the opera production in its place in a pretty big way. Only 11 people went BR on this one, but most people that went Under Pressure kept it close. I’m happy with my prediction decision in Podcast #1 to back UP…the long songs can just drop real quickly and unexpectedly. BR goes from an 8.7 average in the Elite Eight to a 7.3 here…brutal. There was some pretty solid commentary backing up decisions by voters here, but the combinatory power of Mercury/Bowie had a magic to it that Rhapsody couldn’t fight off. Under Pressure goes to the wall for a 3rd time with nods from Colin, Grant (using his 11 here,) Jacob, Kate Magro (also using her 11 here,) and myself. That’s 5 of the most regular voters of the tourney (including Kate, who has voted every time since she received the 128 Box Set I mailed to Kampala.) In defeat, Bohemian Rhapsody goes to the Wall with nods from Adrock, C, Danno, Dr J, and Randy.

#3 Stand By Me (Ben E. King) defeats #7 Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash), 355.4-307.4.

Everyone catch how close Under Pressure and Stand By Me are in total score? That’s something to notice. Cash needed to do something special here in order to take Ben E. King from his pedestal, but fell short pretty big here. As Nos so accurately predicted, we saw more than one comment referencing the horns- I guess having an amphetamine/benzodiazepine cocktail induced dream of a Mexican band covering your love’s sister’s song can take you as far as the Final Four, but not beyond. That said, no disrespect to Mr. Cash, and it is a goddamn testament to how truly important he is in the history of music that he made it this far, with this song of all songs. After getting so close in the proverbial 800 meter, the Man In Black falters a mere straightaway from the tape. I am sure I’m not the only voter giving him a hearty farewell back to the great big sky of rock and roll legends. In defeat, Cash goes to the Wall with nods from Astrid, Cristina, African Dave, and Zac (my 18 y.o. brother who shockingly rather than using an 11, gives “Ring Of Fire” a 10.5. Only an Olivos is crazy enough to do that. I am so proud,) while Stand By Me goes with nods from Kate M, Natalie, and The Catholic.

We have been waiting 149 days for this moment. The Championship of the Living The Dream Music Tournament is decided. Voting goes live tomorrow night.

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The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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