Round of 64: Divisions E and F Semi-Final Results

Sorry for the delay in posting, unexpected phone call from road tripping friends detailing New Orleans wedding party antics. Man, that city never quits. Also, too many of the match-ups were down to the wire for me to adequately prep a results post before I left work that I could post via phone. And as you regular voters know, I don’t have internet at La Casa De Guermo. So now that I’m settled and reintegrated on my laptop at a local establishment, on to the exciting results…

Division E Championship: #5 Here Comes The Sun (The Beatles) vs. #3 Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)


George Harrison penned “Here Comes The Sun” during a pretty rotten period of his life- lost his tonsils, left the Beatles for awhile, etc….but that didn’t get him down enough to prevent him from putting together this beautiful ditty of a song. This match-up went back and forth all day, but in the end the Beatles improve to 2-0 and slay 1 seed Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” 133.1-131.4. The high score of the day, however, belongs very, very much in Freddie Mercury and Queen’s camp- “Bohemian Rhapsody” destroys “Stairway To Heaven,” 158.2-131.2. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, maybe we will see you in the next tournament…Led Zeppelin is eliminated.


Division F Championship: #1 The Weight (The Band) vs. #2 Hurt (Johnny Cash)


I think the difference between the divisions where the seeds seem like they hold versus the ones where they don’t is simply that some top seeds have endurance, and others don’t. In the case of Division F, both definitely do. There was some reasonable Elvis support in the last couple days (this was the second match-up that was too close to call at 6 pm) but Levon Helm singing from the drumkit and the rest of The Band to refuse to call the Round of 64 their last waltz. “The Weight” takes “Suspicious Minds,” 152.4-146.8, and eliminates Elvis Presley from the tournament.

Last but not least, old Cash versus young Cash. I completely loved the idea of this from the start, even if the result isn’t what I personally would have preferred. The late Johnny Cash song simply cannot be denied- in the same way that we mentioned Van Halen’s guitar solo in “Beat It,” do we now have to acknowledge Trent Reznor’s part in this? Whatever you think about it, “Hurt” defeats “Folsom Prison Blues,” 150-140.9. Folsom becomes the first Cash song to fall, and Cash goes to 1-1 for the Round of 64.

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The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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1 Response to Round of 64: Divisions E and F Semi-Final Results

  1. The Catholic says:

    The only one who can take out Johnny Cash is… Johnny Cash.

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