“My Friend Told Me About This Tournament, But I Am Really Confused”

Hi voters! We thought we’d throw in a recap of what exactly is happening on this page. We’ve had a number of friends that want to vote abstain because they are confused as to how this works. Here is an overview on how to get involved:

1) What is this? It’s a single elimination music tournament, and each song matches up against another song in each round (10 rounds, 512 total songs. So like the NCAA Tournament, but instead it is as though the 64 teams had to win 3 games before they got to the bracket of 64.)

2) Wait, match-ups? Every day we post four new match-ups. A match-up is a pair of songs that is competing to advance. We set up a playlist using our friends at GrooveShark’s website that includes all of the songs competing in order, and we tell you who is playing who. Sometimes some songs aren’t available on GrooveShark, so we’ll include a link to a YouTube clip of the song in our post. Each set of match-ups starts at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time and voting is live for 48 hours.

3) So how does a song win? Anyone that wants to vote should listen to a pair of songs in order, and then stop and think about what score they would give each song between 0 and 10. Then write down your scores and go on to the next match-up. When you have given scores to all the songs, post your scores as a blog comment on the match-up post. If you want to stay anonymous, you can also e-mail your scores to LTDdotorg@gmail.com.

4) How did you seed the songs? Initially we split the 512 songs into 16 divisions, A through P. We tried our best to distribute songs across those divisions equally in terms of not having too many “powerhouses” in one place. We also tried to have the first round match-ups be genre or time specific, Drifters vs. Coasters, Temptations vs. Marvin Gaye, Nena vs. Blondie, etc.

After the Round of 512 was over, we took all the winners and put them into bracket format, seeding them by using the average score each song received in the first round. (see here for an example of Bracket A.)

5) I’ve seen this before on other websites, but I’ve never seen it with scoring- just with picking one song over another. You can do that if you want. What we will do in that case is consider it as though you gave the song that lost a score of 5, and the song that won a score of 7 . However, giving scores allows you to reward (or punish) songs that only lost by a little (or a lot) for you personally. If picking between two songs is incredibly difficult, you can acknowledge that in the scores. Or if you just simply can’t decide on a match-up, you can even give them both the same score (since the voting pool will inevitably break the tie.)

One question we get often is “What does a 10 mean? What does a 5 mean?” Honestly, the answer is that it means whatever it means to you. Everyone uses their standards for voting. However, we do discourage votes like “10 for the song I like, 1 for the song I don’t like,” since voting like that undermines the scoring system.

6) Why are you doing this? Because it’s fun. For us, music tournaments have always been a great way to pass the time on road trips, at the office, or in regular group settings. Online, the Living The Dream Music Tournament has been a really rewarding way to begin building a community of music lovers across the world, across nationalities, and across genre loyalties.

7) Whoa, whoa- where is “Johnny B Goode” in your tournament? It lost in a devastating first round match-up to “Gimme Some Lovin'” by Spencer Davis Group. If you are wondering about another song, use the search function to see exactly when it lost, by how much, and to who, or whether it was included in the tournament in the first place (the full list of songs can be found here.)

8 ) Can I get involved now? Yes! There is absolutely no on-going commitment, you can just vote when you feel like it. Just scroll down and make sure that voting hasn’t closed on those match-ups. Remember, any given morning there will be votes due that night at 8 pm EST for the penultimate match-ups post, and votes due at 8 pm EST the next night for the most recent match-ups post.

That’s about it! Hope that clarifies things a little, and see you in the comments section!

Nos and G-mo

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The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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