Music Tournament Round of 128: Division O Results

He did it again! The Beatles may have six songs in the Round of 64, but Johnny Cash has been damn impressive, running his tournament record to 12-0, as #8 Ring of Fire toppled a flat #1 Wagon Wheel (Old Crow Medicine Show), 138-123. Both make the Wall of 10s, Ring of Fire thanks to Astrid and Viril, and Wagon Wheel courtesy of Aiko, Astrid and Natalie.

I’m with G, the Against Me! version does sound pretty good, though maybe that’s because we’re getting tired of OCMS. Wagon Wheel was the third #1 seed to lose, after Under the Bridge and When the Levee Breaks. OCMS is artist #228 to exit.

Meanwhile, Joplin v. Weezer is the matchup that had everyone fired up. In the end, #5 Say It Ain’t So toughed out #4 Piece of My Heart, 138-134. Joplin is the 229th artist eliminated.

#6 Fortunate Son (CCR) def. #6 Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong), 130-119. Yes, Wonderful World is a gorgeous song, used to great effect in countless movies, montages and TV commercials. However, despite the broad pantheon included in the tournament, rock and roll wins the day. Fortunate Son joins Lookin Out My Back Door in the Round of 64. Armstrong can rest in peace as artist #230 eliminated.

Finally, in a matchup that see-sawed all day, #15 Sabotage (which Colin helpfully pointed out is hip-hop [though also white hip-hop]) slipped past #7 Magic Carpet Ride, 115-112. Though Sabotage got love from son, it also had enough haterade to make it the underdog against Fortunate Son next round.

Steppenwolf is artist #231 eliminated since the Round of 512 began. This is the second straight day we’ve eliminated four artists. I dare you to scour the internet for a post anywhere that is also tagged, “Janis Joplin, Louis Armstrong, Steppenwolf, Old Crow Medicine Show.”

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