Music Tournament Round 128: Division N Results

Division N was pretty fascinating.  Technically there were three upsets, but every losing song had its supporters, and every winning song had its detractors.  All in all, an unexpected turn of events in some of these match-ups.

#9 Paint It Black (Rolling Stones) def. #1 Under the Bridge (Red Hot Chili Peppers), 135-128.  I’d characterize this as a shocker.  People had been solidly behind RHCP for the last two rounds, and the Stones have had a miserable Round of 128, losing three out of their first four.  Yet people were feeling Paint it Black from the get-go. Chili Peppers are artist #224 to never wanna feel like they did that day.

#12 Zombie (Cranberries) def. #4 You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC),  126-124. With its high energy and previous super high scores, YSMANL was being talked about as a Sweet 16 contender.  The Cranberries, however, pulled through again. Curious as to how a song I added to the tournament as kindof an afterthought could get this far, I looked at its former opponents. Round of 512: Sweet Child of Mine; Round of 256: Bullet with Butterfly Wing.  Clearly, Zombie is guitar rock out slayer.  That suits it well for its upcoming match against Paint It Black.  The ride may not be over yet.   AC/DC is artist #225 to get thunderstruck.

#2 Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) def. #10 Laid (James), 136-116. Despite the flirtations of some, Nirvana was simply not going to lose this one, and it pulled away as the two days went on.  However, there were visible chinks in the armor- not a lot of 9s or 10s for Teen Spirit.  If Laid were a person, I’d want to hang out with him/her.  (Artist #226)

#6 Golden Slumbers Medley (Beatles) def. #3 Somebody to Love (Jefferson Airplane), 129-116. Putting aside that Jefferson Airplane was probably overseeded, the Beatles’ dominance has just been remarkable.  They tied Paul Simon/Simon&Garfunkel by advancing 9 songs to the Round of 256.  They then went 8-1 in that round.  This round they have gone 6-2.   No other artist has close to 6 songs left in the Round of 64.  Johnny Cash and Paul Simon are next with three (though Cash could wind up with 4). Jefferson Starship lives on, but the Airplane is artist #227 to bounce.

Interesting showdown coming up between Nirvana and the Beatles.  Kurt was a pretty big fan, which neither I and my hippie friends nor my grunge rivals recognized at the time.  If anyone has the clip of Kurt drunkenly singing “All You Need Is Love”, please drop a comment on it.

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