Music Tournament Round of 128: Division M Results

Across the globe, the voters came to virtual unanimity in their picks for Division M winners. In doing so, we have two highly intrigueing match-ups set up for the Round of 64. First, the scores:

#1 Under Pressure (Queen w/ David Bowie) def. #8 My Girl (Temptations), 135-117 . No offense, but I had kind of forgotten the Temptations were still around. They are artist #221 to go. The image above is of Bowie and Annie Lenox at a Freddie Mercury tribute concert, where they performed Under Pressure.

#4 Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac) def. #5 Welcome to the Jungle (Guns n Roses), 129-115. This one had a couple dissenters, but GnR can now bow out of the tournament and work on a follow up to Chinese Democracy (artist #222).

#2 Let It Be (Beatles) def. #7 Is This Love (Bob Marley), 142-115. Let It Be hits the Wall of 10s thanks to Astrid, Mark B. and Guillermo. Don’t look now, but Bob Marley is one Gloria Gaynor matchup away from elimination.

#3 Tiny Dancer (Elton John) def. #6 Rapper’s Delight (Sugarhill Gang), 135-94. Who thought a 14 minute song would start to wear on people? Sugarhill Gang is out (artist #223), leaving hip-hop with one angry white man from Detroit as it’s rep.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Below are the match-ups for the Round of 64:

#1 Under Pressure (7.9) vs. #4 Go Your Own Way (7.6) : An energetic, emotionally draining battle.

#2 Let It Be (8.4) vs. #3 Tiny Dancer (7.9) : Two piano driven classics from the same era.

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