Music Tournament Round of 256: Division M, Day 2 Results

Tuesday is pick-up basketball night for me, hence the late post.  And no, it did not go well, I was like Jared Jeffries on an average day.

#2 Let It Be (Beatles) def. #15 Harder They Come (Jimmy Cliff),  122-116.   Jimmy Cliff was probably too good to be a #15 seed, but Beatles fatigue is just as likely a culprit.  It’ll be interesting to see if their enormous Round of 256 success comes back to haunt them in the Round of 128, when we’ll be hearing them almost every day.

#3 Tiny Dancer (Elton John) crushed #14 Rock n Roll N**** (Patti Smith), 121-86.   And how could it not- as the scene pictured above remains one of the all-time music moments in movie history.  Patti Smith is eliminated from the tournament- Artist #184.

#7 Is This Love (Bob Marley) def. #10 What I’d Say (Ray Charles), 122-118.  Charles hung real tough in this one, but Marley pulled it out down the stretch.  Ray becomes the #185th artist eliminated from the tournament.

#6 Rapper’s Delight (Sugarhill Gang) def. #11 Brown Sugar (Rolling Stones),  108-105 .  Rapper’s Delight joins fellow old-schooler The Message as one of only two legitimately hip-hop songs left in the Round of 128.  Not like I didn’t try.  The Rolling Stones drop to 3-2, with two songs left.

This side of the bracket looks pretty wide open.

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