Music Tournament: Division L, Day 1 Results

It’s really hard to prepare a draft of the post for these match-up results when as of 4:45 pm Saturday, two match-ups are separated by under 2 points and one by just over 3 points. So I’m just going to lean hard on the safe bet for a picture of Dusty Springfield, who seems like the only sure winner at this point. By the way, apparently everyone has been holding back their 10’s for a day like this- four out of the eight songs today will earn a place on the Wall, including two playing each other. And the four remaining songs received a 10 vote from one voter. This is when it gets real, folks. Here we go.

As earlier stated, apparently Dusty Springfield’s ode to Billy Ray will continue slamming songs out of its way as long as girls keep voting. 4 different females gave this song a 10 (Aiko, Astrid, Dr J, Meghan.) Didn’t get terrible marks from the boys either. “Son of a Preacherman” is the high scorer and takes “North American Scum” and LCD Soundsystem handily out of the tournament, 121-98.7.

Now to the nitty gritty. November Rain was clinging to a 0.1 point lead earlier this afternoon, then the Boxer charged through and kept it. Simon and Garfunkel take out Guns N Roses here, 116-113.1.

The old record for the number of 10’s a song had received and yet still be eliminated was two, shared by Van Morrison’s Sweet Thing and Arcade Fire’s Rebellion. No more, but Arcade Fire still gets to claim the honor. “Intervention” garners 10’s from Colin, Janos, Cristina, and G, but those efforts wouldn’t save it from succumbing to “The Wind Cries Mary” by Jimi Hendrix (which itself received 10’s from Astrid and Dr J and will also make the Wall of 10’s.) 112.85-108.4.

Last, Redemption Song puts up a hell of a fight, but it wouldn’t save it from surging Another One Bites The Dust. Queen will move on, 121.65-115.5.

Eliminated: LCD Soundsystem. Arcade Fire is done with the Round of 256, but we’ll see Tunnels in the next round. Marley goes to 0-2 with two remaining. Three upsets. What a day.

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1 Response to Music Tournament: Division L, Day 1 Results

  1. Gmo says:

    My bad- after final votes looks like Another One Bites The Dust was high scorer

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