LTDMT: Division P, Day 3 Results

Last rodeo for the Round of 512… everyone pat yourselves on the back for being part of the journey, because we. are. done-zo. Final bracket will be up within the hour. And now, results.

Highest average score of P3 goes to Somalian-Canadian rapper K’Naan’s anthem “Wavin’ Flag,” which picked up 3 10’s and absolutely trounced You Make It Easy by Air, 128.87-68.873 and claims the 2 seed of Division P. Honestly, I thought it was notable when Johnny Appleseed picked up the 3 seed in Division K, but this blows that away. Is this song the 2006 George Mason Patriots of LTDMT? Time will tell.

Closest match-up was Where It’s At by Beck beating Tom Sawyer by Rush, 93-82.5.

Karma Police and Bridge Over Troubled Water were a back and forth, but in the end Radiohead took S&G, 118.69-108.4.

Where Did You Sleep Last Night, or Under the Pines, took Rocking In The Free World, 130.83-101.63…I think you can call that a bit of an upset, this being a non-radio play Nirvana song over a classic rock stalwart with an instantly recognizable riff. Democracy’s a bummer, Neil Young, because just like that you, my friend, are out of the tournament.

And She Was over Holidays In The Sun, 101.4-82.5.

Last, and literally least…in the match-up that everyone absolutely hated, Evangeline defeats One Moment In Time, 94.132-70.903. With a 4.95 average. Over Whitney’s 3.73 average. Yeah, about that…

Out of the tournament: Neil Young, Whitney Houston, Air, and Rush. Simon & Garfunkel suffer their first loss and finish the Round of 512 5-1. Sex Pistols finish 1-1.

256 songs are 1-0. Which will end up 9-0? That’s our job, people. Handing it back over to Janos for the first few brackets, see you all soon.

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The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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