LTDMT: Division O, Day 1 Results

Sometimes when you Google image songs that win, the craziest, craziest things come up. But when those crazy things are the cover to the single, you sorta gotta go with it. Wish You Were Here posted the highest score of this first round of Division O, 105.5, over My Back Pages (73.5). Pink Floyd also posted a respectable 8.11 average.

The closest match-up of the day wasn’t even that big of a nailbiter. Unfortunately for Don MacLean, this’ll be the day that his LTDMT participation dies. Fortunate Son put an end to American Pie, 101.5-96.

The Disarm/Today hiccup will make the next scores look sort of weird, so disclaimer- of the five voters that voted for Disarm vs. Mr. Brightside, only two sent us replacement votes for Today (Janos e-mailed everyone involved.) So it was only fair to take out the Mr. Brightside votes for the other 3, . Boring explanation over: even without those extra scores, the Killers still killed Today, 69.25-59.

Ring of Fire fireballed past Walk of Life, 98.5-90.75.

Last, the Beasties took Nas & Lauren to town. Sabotage over If I Ruled The World, 89.25-75.5.

Out of the tournament: Don MacLean as previously mentioned, Nas, and The Byrds. Pumpkins go to 3-1 with one left. Mark Knopfler and Co. fall to 0-1 with Sultans of Swing still to come.

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The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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