Living the Dream Music Tournament: Day 39 Results

In perhaps the most dramatic match-up of the day, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (Beatles) defeated Crazy (Gnarls Barkely), 102.5-97.5.  Other matches have been closer, even today, but if you run down everyone’s vote, very few people deviated from the 7-6 range, finding these songs to be utter equals.

Bat Out of Hell (Meatloaf) def. Yo La Tengo, 91-78. 90s indie rock continues its losing ways.

You Can Call Me Al (Paul Simon) def. Feel Good, Inc. (Gorillaz), 107-96.  Good effort by the Gorillaz.

Basket Case (Green Day) def. Triumph (Wutang Clan), 104-95.

Wonderful World (Sam Cooke) def. Fire and Rain (James Taylor), 102.5-93.  Astrid beams upon Cooke as his lesser song advances (Twistin is on its way).

The last match-up is still tied. I’m fishing online for someone who hasn’t voted and doesn’t know it’s a tie.  Will update when ready.

UPDATE: Astrid voted after I started writing my post.  So in a sense, she broke the tie.

Sex Machine (James Brown) def. Wild Wild Life (Talking Heads), 90.5-88.  Talking Heads drop to 2-1 this round.

James Taylor is out.  Gnarls Barkley is out. The Gorillaz are out.

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