Meet Nate Senge

In 36 hours, I’ll be launching Great American Road Trip V, the greatest and perhaps last of all my epic road trips.  I’ll be solo for much of it, but for five days out west I’ll be joined by the indefatigable Nate Senge.  We’ve caused some trouble together in the past, especially at the legendary summer party, Tubestock, and on the road with Kittens Ablaze (Nate is the former guitarist).

He submitted the following bio:

Nate Senge loosened  his grip on his comet tail somewhere over the granite peaks and pine forests of New England in 1981, arriving at the ripe age of zero.  He enjoys spinning globes and packing a bag and going there.  On a given day, there is about equal probability of finding him in the Austrian Alps, New Zealand’s coastal fjords, Chile’s Atacama desert, a Chinese Yellow Mountain Taoist temple, or the unending moss-waves of Alaska’s north slope.

To that list, I would add the cafes abutting the Columbia University campus, where Nate can be found working one of his various Masters degree programs.  Welcome to Living the Dream, and see you at the Bismark Airport.  Now ya’ll will know who I am talking about during the western swing of the trip.

As an aside- Nate’s comment about arriving at age zero got me thinking- you know how Indian mathematicians are credited with inventing the concept of zero?  Can someone explain to me what that means?  How did people previously explain what happens when you have three loaves of bread, but then sell three of them in the market?

About Janos Marton

Janos Marton is a lawyer, advocate and writer.
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