Haiti Still Needs You

Folks, as many of you know, the most rewarding year of my life was working down in Biloxi, Mississippi with Hands On USA in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.   The spunky grassroots organization was on the verge of being sued for copyright by the much larger Hands On Network (the same organization that runs New York Cares) when a deal was struck to merge the groups.  The disaster response outfit still thrives today, and is hard at work rebuilding Haiti.  I’ve copied an email I received from the Project Leogane, where my good buddy Nate Harrold is working.  He called for skilled and energetic peeps to make there way down.

Project Leogane has achieved remarkable progress in our first seven months of operation. Due to the incredible scale of the needs and what we feel we are still capable to help with, Project Leogane will now run until 31 December 2011! While we expect our programs to gradually transition from early recovery and cleanup to rehabilitation and sustainable development, we will remain committed to our dual goals of benefiting the local community while providing worthwhile, enriching volunteer experiences.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please click over to our Project Leogane Volunteer Information page. We’re scheduling volunteers to be on-project from 23 January through 16 June, 2011.


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A born and bred New Yorker, Janos Marton lives the dream as a writer, lawyer, historian, and activist.
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