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HCS (III, 2): Miscues

“At FedEx, we are committed to helping rebuild the affected communities devastated by past hurricane seasons through our support of the United Way program. We thank you for all your hard work.” -FedEx Corporation sign positioned at the front of … Continue reading

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HCS (I, 8): Team Hope

Team Hope “Mold eats souls” -Mark Deubert, January 2006 Soon after Tarp Crew started, I caught up with Jane and Cora. “So, Will, have you heard about Team Hope?” “I most certainly have not.” “What do you know about…” Jane … Continue reading

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Ken Jennings Tuesday Trivia

Every Tuesday we bring you questions from former Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings’ email list.  To play, email him at tuesdaytrivia@ken-jennings.com. As for posting the answers below- questions 1 through 6 are pretty easy to Google, but if you know the answer … Continue reading

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