The Road to ACL Recovery (Day 15)

Yesterday pushed my new knee to its new limits. In the morning I had PT with a new therapist, since my usual was in Vegas. She was very impressed, clocked my left knee in at 135 degrees of bending, which is only five degrees off my right knee. I’ve been able to gradually increase weight on all the machine-based exercises, and have started stretching my IT band, in an effort to get more flexible in addition to stronger.

After PT I had a meeting, a speaking gig on a panel, a late lunch, an event, and a basketball game. It involved a lot of getting up, sitting down, walking around, all without the usual respite of ice and lying down. By the time I got home at 11pm, my knee was in agony. I was legit concerned I had messed something up.

Even this morning, my knee was sore and tender, though the sharp pains were mostly gone. Had PT again today, Thurs/Fri being my back to back, and the therapist on hand said that the previous night’s pain was likely from muscle exhaustion and nothing more serious. Indeed, once I got warmed up I was able to perform all of the PT exercises without a sweat. The whole experience was a good lesson in easing back into things. Still very amped to be where I am 15 days later.


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Janos Marton is a lawyer, advocate and writer.
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