The Road to ACL Recovery (Day 4)

If my post from yesterday seemed terse and bitter, that’s the ebb and flow of ACL recovery. Progress plateaus, spikes, and plateaus in a hypnotic, “Walk Like An Egyptian” fashion. Yesterday was one of those plateaus. All the more reason to hit the ground running this morning.

There are four exercises designed for early stage ACL rehab. The first involves pressing the quad down on a towel, to build up that moribund muscle. The second straightens the leg on an angle. The third bends the knee from an elevated position. The fourth is the leg raise.

Leg raises are still out of the question, but I got to all three of these exercises earlier today, and can feel immediate progress. So this is one of those spike days. Swelling continues to go down, and it is no longer painful to stand on my left leg, though I’m still avoiding putting unnecessary weight on it.

With the physical world in some semblance of order, it’s time to get my brain back in the game and start writing on again.

About Janos Marton

Janos Marton is a lawyer, advocate and writer.
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