Music Tournament: How to Score

One of the great scoring champions of alltime.

One of the great scoring champions of alltime.

Here we are, a few hours from kick-off!  As good a time as any for a little refresher on how to score these music tournaments.  Unlike most online votes, you’re not simply picking one over the other.  Instead, you are scoring each song on a scale from 1-10.  Here’s a helpful guide:

10: Music doesn’t get any better than this!

9: Amazing.  You keep cranking it up, and are glued to whatever device the music is emanating from.

8:  Really good.  You’d turn to someone in the room and say, “hey, check this out!”

7.  Good. You’d throw this on a playlist.

6.  Decent.  Didn’t wow you, but a fine tune.

5.  Radio-worthy.  If you were driving when you heard it, you wouldn’t switch the station.

4.  Dislike, but in an “eh, disappointing” way.

3.  Dislike, in a more visceral “this sounds terrible” way.

2. You’re not really sure who could like this music, and you didn’t make it to the end.

1. Might be the worst song you’ve ever heard.  Turned it off quickly.

0: Not an acceptable score at LTD.

Thus, you might vote as follows:  Thunder Road (Boss): 9, Heart-Shaped Box (Nirvana) 7.  Your scores would be added to everyone else’s, and the final would be: Thunder Road (Boss), 85; def. Heart-Shaped Box (Nirvana), 78.   You might have gathered by now that the logic behind this is that cumulative 10-based scoring rewards songs that are generally appreciated rather than polarizing.

You are allowed one decimal point.  Let’s not get crazy.  You are also allowed to vote ties. Your scores will vary from day to day, even as to the same song.  That’s part of being in the moment.

Finally, here at LTD we caution about the “Danno Hammer”, named for legendary voter Danno, who would occasionally give a score of 10-2 or so.  Those types of votes are discouraged, but if your heart is made to feel such strong love and hate in the same 5-minute stretch, just have the courtesy to explain your vote in the comment section.

That is all! If you have questions or follow-ups to anything I’ve said, fire away!

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