Sugar Pop, Prog Rock, Heavy Metal, Festival Rock: Day 15

The results for Day 14 are below, including a triumphant statement from our new top scorer of the whole kit and caboodle- votes on the next set of matches are due Monday, October 28th at 8 PM PST/11 PM EST.

For the weekend matches, we’re going to be a little disjointed. Starting with some 1960-1962 sugar pop, we’ll move into Progressive Rock pioneers 1969-1971. Following that up with some heavy metal maestros circa 1980, we’ll close out with some festival rock 1994-1996. I have a feeling a whole lot of this is right up Adrock’s alley.

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Day 14 Results

Crossover Pioneers, 1956-1958
“Johnny B Goode” by Chuck Berry- 61
“Rock Around The Clock” by Bill Haley and the Comets- 49
“Good Golly Miss Molly” by Little Richard- 49
“Don’t Forbid Me” by Pat Boone

After dropping its first round matchup in the first Living The Dream Music Tournament despite an 8+ average back in 2010, “Johnny B Goode” comes out roaring and claims top average score of all songs to compete to date. I fully expected this to happen, and we have a contender. The Back To The Future soundtrack sweeps the first round.

TV Rock, 1967
“Sugar, Sugar” by The Archies- 46
“The Beat Goes On” by Sonny & Cher- 41
“Pleasant Valley Sunday” by The Monkees- 41
“Sha-La Love You”- 28

Neither real monkeys or people Monkees could overcome the cool stylings of Archie, Reggie, & Jughead. In all seriousness, “Sugar, Sugar” was written as a song originally to be performed by The Grass Roots (of “Let’s Live For Today” fame,) but was snatched up for the cartoon Archies. Good ditty.

Mainstream Rock, 1977-1978
“Dust In The Wind” by Kansas- 53
“Beast of Burden” by The Rolling Stones- 48
“Just The Way You Are” by Billy Joel- 47
“Lights” by Journey- 39

Couldn’t have predicted this one if I’d tried. I can’t hear “Dust In The Wind” without seeing Keanu Reeves explaining to Socrates “Dust. Wind. Dude.” My heart cries a little for “Lights,” great tune but does not look like it’s advancing even at-large.


Yo La Tengo- pumped.

90’s Indie Rock, 1991-1993

“Nowhere Near” by Yo La Tengo- 39
“Summer Babe” by Pavement- 33
“Seed Toss” by Superchunk- 32
“When You Sleep” by My Bloody Valentine- 30

Someone had to win this one- I think Janos will appreciate the Yo La Tengo advancement.

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1 Response to Sugar Pop, Prog Rock, Heavy Metal, Festival Rock: Day 15

  1. Daddy-O says:

    The Sugar Pop was just that. Pure candy. And it doesn’t get any better than Up on the Roof. One of the reasons this song is perfect is that anyone can sing it and comes out great. I can not think of a bad or even an average rendition of this song.

    The progressive rock was pretty good as well. I wasn’t familiar with The Salty Dog. Thought Procul stopped after Whiter Shade. Will need to know this one better. But gave the nod to Pinball, partly out of familiarity and it’s damn good. The ELP was also great. A new classical crossover for me but I don;t think Pyotr would be happy.

    Heavy metal is not my cup of tea despite Adrock’s attempts to immerse me in this genre on long road trips to colleges. Heaven and Hell gets the nod. I don’t have to like them but I can recognize the qualities that make a good song.

    The Festival Rock – not sure I get the connotation on this group. I gave a co-nod to Run Around and Hootie. Again, familiarity has something to do with it as I own them both. Though I do prefer Darius’s new material better.

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