PCT II: R64, Day 7 Results (with bonus Guillermo story)

Mr. Murphy’s last evening on stage.

As expected, the Day 7 crew somewhat underwhelmed.  None of the matches were particularly close, but the thin spread between the winners suggests that path to the Sweet 16 is still wide open.

Big Pimpin’ (Jay-Z feat. UGK) def. What’s My Name? (Snoop Dogg),  83.8-77.6.  Jay-Z may have opened the Barclays Center last night, but his real win came here in the Peoples Choice Tournament, where he posted a strong 6.98 average in taking out the D-O-double G.

Skinny Love (Bon Iver) def. Invisible Leader (Fucked Up), 75.6-58.5.   Not sure what Invisible Leader was doing in the 2nd round, but it gets bounced with an unceremonious 4.88 average.   Best Bon Iver line is from Cristina, who said Skinny Love “is like a song a dog would sing at the pound.”

Someone Great (LCD Soundsystem) def. Johnny Come Lately (Steve Earle), 81.2-71.2.    The sixth LCD song to appear in a livingthedream.org tournament becomes the first to make it to the 3rd round.

Your Love (Outfield) def. American Skin (41 Shots) (Bruce Springsteen), 85.5-73.5. And just like that, the Boss has left the building.

For those who voted before Guillermo, or didn’t vote, you missed this gem of a Big Pimpin’ anecdote:

Despite having gone to a pretty well-known rigorous public magnet high school in the DC area, there was a very big loophole in my AP/IB Calculus curriculum junior year. Somehow it was ok to structure our 2nd semester final grades to be half dependent on the sum of your coursework, quizzes, and final exam…and half on a creative project about Calculus. Naturally, three of my friends and I rewrote the words to “Big Pimpin’” to be “Big Calcin’,” including lines like “Big Calcin, dx, dt check it out now, big Calcin’ in Room 103 it’s just that Paul, Sean, Will, Gabe, and Miss Y-A-N-G”

Miss Yang was thrilled, my A+ in rapping averaged against my C- in actual understanding of calculus for a high-flying B, and minus a confused foray into Math 8 my Freshman Fall for a week, never took a Calculus class again.

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2 Responses to PCT II: R64, Day 7 Results (with bonus Guillermo story)

  1. Salem, Adam says:

    I think that may be the first meta tag of “Big Calcin” in the history of the internet.

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