Awesome Links to Get Through Wednesday: Colbert’s origins, old school SNL and the Pixies

Have had trouble sleeping recently, and you know what that means- great surfing.   Came across these fellas, and thought I might share.

I’ve never really understood Oprah, but in this truly incredible interview with Stephen Colbert she gets him to open up about everything- his tragic youth, early career, his wife (who we meet, and who is awesome) and the future of the Colbert Report.   I can’t remember seeing this much of the real Stephen Colbert before.

The first presidential debate is tonight.  SNL is notoriously lock-boxy about its old videos.  Yet somehow National Journal got its hands on every SNL presidential debate.   The best is Gore (Darrell Hammond) vs. Bush (Will Ferrell), but they are all good.  My 2nd favorite is probably Bush Sr. (Dana Carvey) vs. Dukakis (Jon Lovitz).

Are you a Pixies fan?  Of course you are?  Then you’ll enjoy David Bowie waxing eloquently on how awesome and revolutionary they were.    Haven’t had your Pixies fill?  Come on over and listen to Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood describe the profound impact of the Pixies on their musical careers, including the story of how Yorke become outraged at a promoter trying to have the Pixies open for Radiohead (“like having the Beatles open for you”).

The Assembly of Mexico City has proposed creating “starter” marriage licenses that would last two years, after which the couple could part ways or extend their marriage license.  Hat tip to Jane M. on this one.

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