PCT II: Round of 64, Day 4 Results

It was Prine time, by a whisker.

We’re halfway there…

I was very close to corralling a 12-person pregaming crowd into tournament voting last night, but there was just too much chatter and booze in the air.  Wasn’t going to happen for the Round of 64.   We ended up watching “Somebody to Love (live in Montreal)” instead.

Half of the Round of 32 bracket is filled.   Let’s meet it’s newest arrivals.

Man on Fire (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes) def. Go Tell the Congregation (Black Crowes), 79.5-64.5.

Tickle Me Pink (Johnny Flynn)  def. Harvest Moon (Neil Young), 65.2-59.9.    Funny enough, our entire group was kicked out of a bar last night due to our friend’s extremely loud, off-kilter sing-along to “Harvest Moon.”

Long Monday (John Prine) def. What You Know (Two Door Cinema Club),  61.55-61.4 .  In what has to be the closest contest of the tournament, Prine eeks it out by .15.

Heaven (Walkmen) def. Champagne Supernova (Oasis),  65.3-64.

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3 Responses to PCT II: Round of 64, Day 4 Results

  1. cjroomba says:

    Fantastic…right in the opening: “We ended up watching “Somebody to Love (live in Montreal)” instead.”

    The Gallaghers are fighting over such a close loss.

  2. cjroomba says:

    Will it be 4 votes a week for this round?

  3. janos marton says:

    Yep, we’ll be running the same schedule until the very last rounds.

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