PCT II: Round of 64, Day 2 Results

It was difficult to find a google image that wasn’t a gross teeth whitening ad.

Day 2 featured some great battles, and may be the first day of the tournament where every song averaged a “6” or higher.  But the story in this division continues to be “Killer Queen”, which posted the day’s high average of 7.7.   All of the other match-ups were down to the wire, so congrats to all nominators.

Pink Moon (Nick Drake) def. Backstreets (Bruce Springsteen), 82-81.5.   This one flipped on the second to last vote.  Bruce is down to his last song (41 Shots).

Stubborn Love (Lumineers) def. Anna Sun (Walk the Moon),  85-74.7.    Is it wrong to lump the Lumineers with Edward Sharpe and Monsters & Men?  There’s a specific sound permeating from these bands that is thriving in this tournament.

Killer Queen (Queen) def.   Never Go Back (Grace Potter and the Nocturnals), 85.4-70.7.

All These Things I’ve Done (Killers) def. The Last Living Rose (PJ Harvey), 75-68.2.    Killer Queen vs. the Killers next round.  Sounds rambunctious.

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