PCT II: Round of 128, Day 11 Results

Bringing a Nashville sound to LTD

In what some might characterize as a major upset, Baby Drugs (Tristen) def. Promised Land (Bruce Springsteen), 125-121.5.   Tristen Gaspadarek didn’t release her debut album until she was 28, the same age as the Boss when he released Darkness on the Edge of Town, which features “Promised Land.”    “Baby Drugs” scored one of the highest averages of Round 1, and until Adrock’s vote, had not scored below 6.

You and Me (Penny and the Quarters) def. Curl of the Burl (Mastadon), 103.2-94.1.   “You and Me” was recorded as a demo in the early 1970s, and was only discovered in 2009 when the studio owner passed away.  The song was released in 2010.  When Ryan Gosling heard the song he was floored, and lobbied for it to be used in his rom-com, Blue Valentine.  Once the song hit it big, the record label searched far and wide for the artists, finally tracking down the three singers.  Unfortunately, the song writer, Jay Robinson passed away in 2009, never knowing he hit it big.

All Eyes on You (St. Lucia) def. Dreams (Passion Pit),  109.8-91.6.    St. Lucia cruised over Passion Pit’s Cranberries cover.

Hang Fire (Rolling Stones) def. The Only Place (The Best Coast), 120-108.  Admirable showing by the Best Coast, and kudos to Mike Corbett for finding a Stones song that we aren’t burnt out from.

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3 Responses to PCT II: Round of 128, Day 11 Results

  1. Jacob says:

    Small correction: Blue Valentine isn’t a rom-com. Rom-trag is more like it, which is one of the reasons the song is so poignant.

  2. MattB says:

    Doh! I missed voting on my own song!

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