PCT II: Round of 128, Day 10 Results

Taking out Rod Stewart? Just another day at the office for the Shins.

Thank you, voters, for voting more or less in rough alphabetical order.  Seriously, it makes tabulating scores on our spreadsheet much easier.  To Adrock, Amanda, AnnaZ, Aiko, and Adam S. (who starts work at 7am EST), the morning hours are yours.  Anyway, on to tonight’s results, which were down to the wire in three out of the four match-ups.

Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) def. Statement of Vindication (Bikini Kill),  103.8-86.2 .  Even when the Bikini Kill entry was changed from an article about community college to an actual song, STP cruised controlled to victory, albeit without an impressive average.

I Wanna Be Your Lover (Prince) def. Banana Republics (Jimmy Buffett),  99-95.05.  Prince ekes out the win in this clash of cultural values.

Summer Home (Typhoon) def. Librarian (My Morning Jacket),  108.8-103.6.   Typhoon takes this nailbiter by the margin of people who wanted MMJ to tell us more about the sexy librarian.

Australia (Shins) def. Young Turks (Rod Stewart), 129.4-123.1.   Really a shame that random draw paired these two songs in the first round.  Rod Stewart put up the 5th best score of Round 1, but after a neck and neck Tuesday, got outgunned by the Shins with Wednesday’s voters.  This is the kind of thing Guillermo creates awards for, though.  Meanwhile, the Shins post the 2nd highest score of Round 1 (Killer Queen is still the top dog).

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1 Response to PCT II: Round of 128, Day 10 Results

  1. annaz says:

    i just have to defend the fact that i don’t do shit in the morning —
    but i live in GMT, and i’m currently voting early afternoon. had to clarify… keep on rockin

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