People’s Choice: Week 1 Recap

It’s early, but The Lumineers don’t mind having the 3rd highest average score so far

Happy weekend! What an amazing turnout we had the first week of voting for the 2nd Annual PCT. Thanks to all for voting, and a special thanks to our guest posters Lindsay and Natalie for helping out Janos. I had an unexpectedly rough health week, and those two helped out in a big way- go 05s! Fortunately I am back on my feet and will be manning the helm for the coming week while Nos liveblogs from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Let’s review what happened this week from a few angles.

0) The Tournament Bracket: Updated. Check out the path to glory for the winners.

1) Participation: Phenomenal! 100% participation awards go to AdamS, Alexis, Amanda, AnnaZ (from Ghana!), CJRoomba, Colin, Daddy-O, DemAdam, Eileen, G, Greg, Jacob, Janos, Joe, MarkB (from London! Or Tokyo. I never know where this guy is), MattB, and Natalie. That’s a great core group to start contention for the Marathon Voter award.

2) Leaders: The top 5 survivors from the first quadrant are as follows, in order of average score:

  1. Killer Queen by Queen (7.904)
  2. Tightrope by Janelle Monae ft. Big Boi (7.063)
  3. Stubborn Love by The Lumineers (7.033)
  4. Head Full of Doubt/Heart Full of Promise by The Avett Brothers (6.976)
  5. Little Talks by Of Monsters And Men (6.965)

The nice thing about this split is that the top four are from four different days, so it looks like at least at this juncture the leaders are a bit spread out. Highest profile Round of 64 match-up from this first group looks to be the Killers/PJ Harvey clash (6th and 7th respectively if I kept that list up there going.) A Round of 32 match between Tightrope and Little Talks could be interesting. However, without any data yet on how these songs perform on multiple listens (as some of our voters have also noted) it’s hard to say whether these numbers mean anything. The song that wins has to sound better than its competitor 7 different times, after all.

3) Upcoming: It’s pretty hard to tell what to highlight from these next 32 nominations competing in the coming week and what to not since we have no idea how any of the songs will be received. But in this next quadrant I’m personally looking forward to the always unpredictable Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, seeing if Dr. John fares any better on his second shot, and a whole slew of old school versus new school. See you in the comments starting Sunday at 8 PM!

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