Daily Nos: August 14, 2012

The cast was not the problem for this high-flying series.

I’m not a big sci-fi guy, but I have been in a post-apocalyptic mood lately, and the premise of Battlestar Galactica intrigued me.  Humanity is on the run from an angry AI entity called the Cylons, and a seriously flawed group of people are called upon to fight for the very survival of the human race.   I raced through the four seasons of BSG, overcoming my frustration with a show filled with emotional highs and screen-writing lows by learning when to anticipate a weak episode and skipping it.   In the final analysis, unfortunately, I cannot recommend this show, because the ending is just too disappointing.  A great finale is not essential to all TV shows (see Seinfeld), but for an epic tale that absorbs juicy plot-lines into an ever-building avalanche, the ending just does not provide the pay-off.

Mercury was simply untouchable down the stretch, carrying Queen to the Peoples Choice Tournament title in 2011.

LTDers know that this site is a big fan of music tournaments.  From 2010-2012 we held a 512-song “Best Rock Song” tournament, a “Peoples’ Choice Tournament”, a “Best Cover Song” tournament, and finally, “Last Band Standing.”  It’s been exactly a year since the Peoples’ Choice Tournament, so we are running it back.

For a crash course, read up on Guillermo’s most excellent guide to the Peoples’ Choice Tournament.  We don’t have a comprehensive list of ineligible songs yet, but it’s probably only going to be songs used in last year’s tournament and winners of other past tournaments.   Email your nomination to rovingstorm@gmail.com or post them below.  Everyone is entitled to two nominations, past participants/coaches are eligible for four.   We’ll likely start in a week or so.  Last year “Somebody to Love” (live in Montreal) (Queen) defeated “Dog Days Are Over” (Florence and the Machine) in a raucous finals held in five different cities.

Howard joins Kareem, Shaq, George Mikan and Wilt Chamberlain (not pictured) in the pantheon of dominating Laker centers.

If you’re an NBA fan, you’re probably still reeling from the blockbuster trade that landed Dwight Howard in LA.   First, for non-NBA fans, get ready for Kobe Bryant to be back in your lives on a regular basis.  For fantasy players, how do you react to all the free agency and trade shake-ups?  My bet is that the Lakers, barring major injury, will cruise to the Finals and beat the Miami Heat.  (I had to edit that last sentence after accidentally drifting into the Grantland-esque tendency to only use the present tense, i.e. “the Lakers cruise to the finals”).

The pool before the storm.

If you weren’t at Sippy’s wedding on August 4, you should have been at Horsefest X, or both.   For the tenth summer in the row, Brian Orce delivered one of the finest parties of the year- an all-day & night pool party extravaganza.  Keep this party in mind when you plan your next summer.

Father and son hosts.

Not a real party without this one.

Another fine set of photos from Emma Levy.

Under the arboretum leaves.

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3 Responses to Daily Nos: August 14, 2012

  1. Adam S says:

    You didn’t like the conclusion to battlestar galactica???? I loved it! Like you, me and kim blasted through the series in just a few weeks and thought there were some great stories. The acting and screenwriting ranged from mediocre to embarassing. But I don’t understand how you could not like the ending! Very minor spoilers below…

    It caught me completely by surprise, answered pretty much all of the open questions from throught the series, was reasonably plausable, and was clearly in the writers’ minds from early on. How the heck did you not like that???

    • janos marton says:

      We’ll have to take this conversation off-line, to gmail or that taco place. No way to discuss this properly without blowing all the spoilers.

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