Led Zeppelin- The Last Band Standing

Ladies and gentlemen, we began the Last Band Standing tournament on February 20th, 2012. It was a time where I was still 28 and there had still only been four Marathon Days. Today, nearly four months later, we are ready to retire the tournament and declare our champion- in the end there could only be one.

Much congratulations to Led Zeppelin whose “Sick Again” and “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” double wins put the nail in the coffin for the Beach Boys (“Sick Again” over “Do You Wanna Dance” 84.5-74.5 and “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” over “Heroes and Villains” 102.9-70.) Final full count of all THIRTY-SIX songs and wins for the Zepp:

Round 1: Versus Blondie
Heartbreaker v. Rip Her to Shreds W  105.45 – 83.15 (1-0)
The Song Remains the Same v. Fade Away and Radiate  W 90-81.5 (2-0)
Living Loving Maid v. Sunday Girl W 117-98 (3-0)
The Crunge v. Call Me L 119-83 (3-1)
Misty Mountain Hop v. One Way or Another W  158.4-157.2 (4-1)

Round 2: vs. David Bowie
Communication Breakdown v. Oh! You Pretty Things  L 74.1-64.4 (0-1)
Whole Lotta Love v. Dance Magic Dance  W 99-80 (1-1)
The Ocean v. Hang on to Yourself  W 71-61 (2-1)
Houses of the Holy v. Move On W 109-98 (3-1)
Stairway to Heaven v. Starman  W 121-96 (4-1)

Round 3: vs. Bruce Springsteen
Rock and Roll v. Jungleland  W 99-90 (1-0)
Dazed and Confused v. Born to Run  L 130-117 (1-1)
When the Levee Breaks v. Born in the USA  W 122.9 – 122.7 (2-1)
Black Dog v. Badlands (live)  W 169.2 – 166.2 (3-1)
Fool in the Rain v. Promised Land W 146.5 – 119 (4-1)

Round 4: vs. Stevie Wonder

The Rover v. Living in the City L 109.9-97.6 (0-1)
Ramble On v. Boogie On Reggae Woman W 76.3-69.3 (1-1)
D’yer Maker v. Uptight (Everything’s Alright) L 106.75-104 (1-2)
Wanton Song v. I Was Made To Love Her L 98.2-94.7 (1-3)
Immigrant Song v. As W 98.2-85.4 (2-3)
Kashmir v. Superstition W 119.5-107.6 (3-3)
Tramped Under Foot v. Tuesday Afternoon W 114.05-94.65 (4-3)

Round 5: vs. AC/DC
Bring It On Home v. The Jack W 58.5-52.5 (1-0)
Dancing Days v. Girl’s Got Rhythm W 83.2-81.6 (2-0)
Battle of Evermore v. Sin City W 70.5-63.8 (3-0)
I Can’t Quit You Babe v. Highway To Hell L 60-48 (3-1)
For Your Life v. Have A Drink On Me L 68.8-60.5 (3-2)
Over The Hills And Far Away v. Touch Too Much W 74.65-52 (4-2)

Round 6: v. The Beach Boys v. U2
Going To California v. Waiting For The Day v. Mysterious Ways 1st (138, 104.8, 102.4)
Custard Pie v. I Get Around v. Sunday Bloody Sunday 3rd, Strike One (62.1, 89.4, 89.5)
Hey Hey What Can I Do v. Help Me Rhonda v. New Year’s Day 1st (136.65, 125.35, 119.4)
Good Times Bad Times v. Pride (In The Name of Love) v. Let Him Run Wild 1st (99.8, 87.4, 57.5)
Tangerine v. Don’t Worry Baby v. Desire 2nd (64, 70.55, 58)
In My Time of Dying v. Do It Again 1st (58.7-53.6)
Sick Again v. Do You Wanna Dance 1st (84.5-74.5)
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You v. Heroes and Villains1st (102.9-80)

Thank you so much to everyone for voting and participating, this has been a fun time. Get your summer off to a good start and we’ll see you around the site soon.

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The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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