LBS Results: Zeppelin knots it at 1 a piece

These three layers together make up the...

After a wild 3 days of voting, the results are in. Big winner here is Led Zeppelin, whose “Ramble On” rambles all over “Boogie On Reggae Woman.” 76.3-69.3 is the final score, and Zeppelin knots the series against Stevie Wonder at 1 a piece. Home court advantage switches to Stevie for the next three games (i.e., nominating second as opposed to first.)

The closest final score of the day goes to the 90s battle. There were some comments on Dan’s choice of a fairly obscure U2 song to kick things off, and Soundgarden takes advantage. “Fell On Black Days” over “Tryin’ To Throw Your Arms Around The World,” 69.3-68.3.

Game 1 of the Challenger final goes to…AC/DC. “Heroin” is certainly a killer song of historical importance, but the Aussies rocked hard and rocked out. “Whole Lotta Rosie” takes it, 64.9-59.6.

The Petty-Allman Brothers fight seems like it might go a whole lotta different ways, which is certainly exciting- similar sounds and the two artists have mutual respect between them (toured together, etc.) For now, however, Tom takes the lead. “Here Comes My Girl” over “Down In Texas,” 67.6-66.2.

Upset city was the name of the game with the Atmosphere-Rush battle. Atmosphere, a rapping duo out of Minneapolis, caught us all off-guard in a good way with this first nomination. “Party For The Fight To Right” disposes of “Anthem,” 60.7-54.5.

Last but not least in the back of the group is the Marton vs. Marton battle of the Beach Boys and The Band. Game 1 goes to the younger sibling- “The Shape I’m In” defeats “Darlin’,” 63.05-52.5.

Game 2 will kick off tomorrow as I collect nominations from the contenders. With only 12 voters, we can do better on the democracy front as well so tell your friends.

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