Set And Pause- Results And Voter Fatigue Break

The results are in, and after being unable to wrangle up a fourth coach for the tournament, also an announcement. The announcement first- namely without a fourth coach and given recent low turnouts, we’re pausing the tournament to give everyone a breather. When we return, Stevie and Zepp will continue their battle, AC/DC and

the winner described below will start theirs, and maybe we will have four new voters. So tell your friends to vote! Or e-mail me about being a coach. As for myself, on the break I’m getting a dog sitter and taking the Bolt up to NYC this weekend for a fun Saturday with LTDers nationwide. Well, mostly from New York, two Seattle transplants.

Results were strange on these matches. On one hand there were a lot of big differentials (yes, I’m back, so I’ll run statistics now and then) but on the other hand people landed on both sides of the coin and they kinda evened out a bit. Still, vote responsibly as always. Stevie slides into the lead in Game One of our Champion vs. Challenger match as “Livin’ In The City” defeats “The Rover,” 109.9-97.6. As a good example of above comment, the infamous Danno Hammer of 3-9 for Zeppelin was 97% countered by Jenn’s response 8.9-3.1 for Stevie. And more stories like that, I just wanted to bring Danno Hammer back into the vernacular. Adrock bides his time and strategizes for Game 2.

Joy Division looked like it was going to pull it out, and we all learned that 90.3 KEXP believes it couldn’t have happened any other way. Unfortunately a trio of new voters showed up in the last hour with a combined +17 for “Satellite of Love.” And like that, Velvet Underground eliminates Joy Division/New Order and advances 107.5-89.8. This was a worthy match all the way through, and I hope everyone that showed up out of the woodwork to support keeps voting as we continue (also, do you want to coach a band? E-mail me.) Velvet Underground faces off against AC/DC when we return and hopefully a few more.

Alright, break time. We’ll roll back on for Monday.

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The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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2 Responses to Set And Pause- Results And Voter Fatigue Break

  1. Folks, I really wish you would have stuck with the Joy Division/New Order combo. They have a huge catalog of underappreciated gems and I didn’t even get to pick my top three NO songs. Please have a little heart and try these on for size:


    Age of Consent


  2. joe says:


    I’ll say this to you, I’m a rock and roll boy at heart, distorted guitars, loud drums, and attitude, stuff that has been the core of most popular music for 40 years. That said I went to a pretty cool high school in the 80’s where I discovered what I guess is called “new wave”. It can’t move me like metal, rock, and some hip hop, but I can completely dig a lot of it. New Order was a cool band doing interesting things in the confines of “popular music”. That said good fight. I wish this one made the list.

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