Last Band Standing: Led Zeppelin Crowned as Champs!

After knocking off Blondie, David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin is the first official winner of the Last Band Standing Championship!  Their road to the finals was impressive:

vs. Blondie

Heartbreaker v. Rip Her to Shreds W  105.45 – 83.15 (1-0)

The Song Remains the Same v. Fade Away and Radiate  W 90-81.5 (2-0)

Living Loving Maid v. Sunday Girl W 117-98 (3-0)

The Crunge v. Call Me L 119-83 (3-1)

Misty Mountain Hop v. One Way or Another W  158.4-157.2 (4-1)

vs. David Bowie

Communication Breakdown v. Oh! You Pretty Things  L 74.1-64.4 (0-1)

Whole Lotta Love v. Dance Magic Dance  W 99-80 (1-1)

The Ocean v. Hang on to Yourself  W 71-61 (2-1)

Houses of the Holy v. Move On W 109-98 (3-1)

Stairway to Heaven v. Starman  W 121-96 (4-1)

vs. Bruce Springsteen

Rock and Roll v. Jungleland  W 99-90 (1-0)

Dazed and Confused v. Born to Run  L 130-117 (1-1)

When the Levee Breaks v. Born in the USA  W 122.9 – 122.7 (2-1)

Black Dog v. Badlands (live)  W 169.2 – 166.2 (3-1)

Fool in the Rain v. Promised Land W 146.5 – 119 (4-1)

Amazingly, Coach Adrock seems to have enough in the tank for a showdown with Stevie Wonder or Paul Simon, who are wrapping up their #1 contender series in the next few days.  Congrats to Adrock, and to Coach Gmo, who worked the Boss into the finals.

Of course, we had some other exciting battles going on.  In the #1 contender match, Stevie Wonder took charge in the second half, as If You Really Love Me beat Paul Simon’s Love Me Like a Rock, 138-124.   Stevie now leads the series 3-2, and will go for the series win in Game 6.

Beating Around the Bush (AC/DC) def. See Me, Feel Me (Who),  114-105.   AC/DC is up 3-2 in the series and has put the venerable Who on the ropes.

Rock and Roll (Velvet Underground) def. Love Vigilantes (New Order), 135-124.  Finally, some love for this match-up.   Both songs did well, but it’s Velvet Underground that takes a 3-2 series lead.

I’ll give everyone Saturday off- or rather, since I’m working all day I won’t get around to setting up the next post until later.    And folks, that post will be my final one at Last Band Standing.  Gmo has graciously agreed to run admin for the next wave of match-ups. We’re still looking for coaches- we’ve got one confirmed and a couple of maybes, so give me a shout if you’re interested.

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