Last Band Standing: Farewells and Futures

Get ready for another Thrilla in ManilaThis weekend saw the departure of four bands and the coaches who went to battle for them.

Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen) defeated Train in Vain (Clash), 97-88.5, to take the series 4-1.  Cristina used a lot of ammo in beating the Stones last round.    Meanwhile,  Gmo had to use a few gems to win this round, but still has some go-tos left for the finals.

Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) defeated Starman (David Bowie), 121-96.    Adrock recognized that Starman is a pretty great song (though not all voters agreed), and went to  his knockout punch, taking the series 4-1.    Adrock also has some top songs left for the finals showdown with Bruce.

You Can Call Me Al (Paul Simon) defeated Silver Springs (live) (Fleetwood Mac), 113-104, taking the series 4-2.    This was a very even series.   Ilya will now have to marshal his remaining songs against Stevie Wonder.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Stevie Wonder) defeated Come Alive (Foo Fighters), 110.5-76.5 to close out the series, 4-2.   Jacob had to resort to some well-known Stevie fare to take out the pesky Fighters, who had won the last two games.

A big thank you to Cristina, Grant, Astrid and Mark B for their coaching.

Coming up next week we’ll have Springsteen (Gmo) vs. Led Zeppelin (Adrock) for the Last Band Standing Title.

Paul Simon (Ilya) will take on Stevie Wonder (Jacob) in a #1 contender match.

AC DC (Joe) will challenge The Who (Salem) in the first undercard, and the Velvet Underground (Peter) will battle Joy Division (Jenn) in the second undercard.

Great music ahead.

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  1. Joy Division/New Order (emphasis on New Order)!

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