Last Band Standing: Game 6 Results

Three artists faced elimination coming into tonight, and two of them survived.  Unfortunately for the Super Furry Animals, they went down swinging against Bruce Springsteen, as Because the Night topped Down a Different River, 120-87 .  Bruce takes the series 4-2.

People have asked me how the Super Furry Animals wound up in a tournament with all of these legendary bands.   When I first explained the concept behind this tournament to Dem Adam, he was hooked instantly, and immediately suggested the Super Furry Animals.   It was a gutsy move, and we salute Dem Adam for introducing us to some cool music.    Coach Gmo will now be preparing his playbook for a battle against either the Stones or the Clash.

Police On My Back (Clash) def. Rocks Off (Rolling Stones), 114-99 .    The Clash staved off elimination as Cristina pulled out her first Sandinista! track to fend off the Exile on Main Street opener.    We now go to a dramatic Game 7, with Midnight Mike slated to pick first.  We’ll see what he goes with 24 hours from now.

Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke) def. Space Oddity (David Bowie), 144-119.   Honestly, I thought Change is Gonna Come was the favorite here, but had no idea ya’ll would love it so much.  The tune picked up 5 10s, matching Under Pressure’s mark from a week ago.  For this Game 7, Grant is responsible for picking first.

The real winner this weekend is Led Zeppelin Coach Adrock, who gets to watch Lindsay and Grant marshall some of Sam Cooke and David Bowie’s finest songs against each other before the winner faces him in the next round.

We generally don’t launch new match-ups on Sundays to respect peoples’ weekends, but tune back in tomorrow night for game 7 match-ups and the launch of four new contenders, with Fleetwood Mac battling Paul Simon and the Foo Fighters taking on Stevie Wonder in their own best of seven series.   The artist that emerges from that group of four will become the #1 contender for the Last Band Standing title.

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