Covers Tournament: Sweet 16 Second Half Results

Cat Power consoles herself that at least Johnny is moving on

If you didn’t believe it was real before, believe it now.  The voters have spoken and have chosen the tracks to send to the Elite Eight.  By the time a song reaches this point, it’s pretty much a winner in most people’s books.  And yet, in the end, there can be only one.  Our remaining contenders are:

Amy Winehouse & Mark Ronson  (sorry, Mark, you’ve been getting left off there…) with their cover of “Valerie,” originally by the Zutons.  What’s a zuton, you might ask?  I have no idea, google it yourself.  Anyway, they hand the most decisive defeat of the evening to ”I Found A Reason” by Cat Power (covering the Velvet Underground) with a 7.44 to 5.8 average, or 134 to 104.6.  It is the only song to move on from this round with no 10’s.

Gary Jules wonders what he'll do next

With no less than 4 10’s, “Won’t Back Down” by Johnny Cash, covering (and featuring–good catch on the background vocals there, Grant) Tom Petty, defeats my little nomination that could until it couldn’t, “Mad World” by Gary Jules covering Tears for Fears, with a 7.96 to 7.02 average.  Final score: 143.3 to 126.4.

“Straight to Hell” by Lilly Allen (covering The Clash) wracks up 3 10’s and sends “Black Magic Woman” by Santana straight somewhere, with a 7.64 to 7.07 average, 152.8 to 148.4.

And finally, in what many predicted would be the most interesting match-up of the round, “Wonderful World” by Joey Ramone continues its merciless reign of dominations, earning 4 10’s (or 3 10’s and a 12.5, which counted as a 10) and defeating “I Fought the Law” by The Clash with what I believe may be a tournament high 8.24 to 7.64 average, 164.8 to 159.4.  Only Johnny Cash comes close to that.

The Clash also fought the will of the voters and the will of the voters won

And so, with that, you have your final match ups of the Elite Eight:

“Valerie” by Amy Winehouse & Mark Ronson vs. “Won’t Back Down” by Johnny Cash

“Straight to Hell” by Lilly Allen vs. “Wonderful World”

I think that last match-up is going to be a wrencher for a lot of people.  It’s officially serious, folks.

Don't be sad, Santana, making it to the Sweet 16 is pretty good!

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