Covers Tournament Round of 32 Day 4: Results

Poised to take it all?

The voters keep punk alive in this round, with wins for The Clash, Lilly Allen covering The Clash, and Joey Ramone.  Also Santana.  Which is not punk.  Although his name sounds pretty metal.

Apparently at least one of Hugo’s 99 problems is Santana’s “Black Magic Woman” which 99.4 to 82.3.  However, he’s going to want to work some of that black magic in the next round, because his average of 6.63 was nevertheless the second-lowest of any song in this round, only coming in above the song he beat.

He’ll be the underdog against Lilly Allen’s “Straight to Hell” in the Round of 16.  Allen defeated Regina Spektor’s version of the Velvet Underground’s “Chelsea Hotel #2,” 101.6 to 92.75, averaging a 7.26.

Regina Spektor tries to look happy for Lilly Allen

The Clash also wins as a performer, with “I Fought the Law” beating the Swell Season’s version of Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic,” 116.5 to 95.8, with a very strong average of 7.77.

In what I think will be the match-up to watch of the tournament, in the Round of 16 “I Fought the Law” will facing off against Joey Ramone’s “Wonderful World,” which dispatches with G Love’s “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” despite a strong showing from the latter, which averaged a 6.98.  However, you can’t argue with the top score of the round for the second round in a row: “Wonderful World” takes it 121.75 to 104.65, increasing its average to 8.12.  Will it keep going up, or is the the crest of the wave?

Only your votes will tell…

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