Fall 2011 Covers Tournament: Round of 32 Day 2 Results


Joe Cocker + The Wonder Years = Happy LTD Voters!

Four more songs have claimed their spot in the Sweet 16! Not a whole lot of debate on this evening’s match ups.  A fairly respectably number of  voters (18) weighed in on this evening’s songs.  Plus, three more songs have been added to the Wall of 10s!

High score of this set goes to Joe Cocker, with a 7.93 average for “With  a Little Help from my Friends.” It defeated “Come Together” by Aerosmith, 142.7 – 126.8.  This hit, which I will always associate with The Wonder Years, also made it to the Wall of 10s, courtesy of Natalie G, Chris B, and Chris Roomba.

Next round, Joe Cocker will face “Two of Us” by Aimee Mann and Michael Penn.  This cover, from the fantastic I Am Sam soundtrack, defeated “New Speedway Boogie,” Marc Cohn’s cover of the Grateful Dead. Respective scores: 131.2 – 116.5.  “Two of Us” also posted the second highest average score of this set – 7.29.  This was certainly helped by the support from Anna Z and Mark O, who put this one onto the Wall of 10s, as well!  This should be pretty close in the Sweet 16!

Our closest match up tonight put Guns N Roses up against Ike and Tina Turner.  The Turners just barely emerged victorious, with “Proud Mary” defeating “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” 132 – 126.3.

Will you go Turner...

...or Staples in the Round of 16??

The Turners will face up against The Staples Singers in the Sweet 16.  Their version of “The Weight” toppled Nirvana’s “Man Who Sold the World” with scores of 129.9 and 119.9, respectively. This set went back and forth quite a bit in this round, but with support of Margot and Jacob, “The Weight” made it to The Wall of 10s and emerged victorious.

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