Fall 2011 Covers Tournament: Round of 32 Day 1 Results

In the pines? Where the sun will never shine?

Annnnnd our first four Sweet Sixteen survivors are set! No upsets, but the name of the game on these results is a struggling 1 seed and a surging contender. And some other results. Let’s review.

High score of the day goes to….The Fugees. Killing Me Softly has no problems with the Stones’ cover of “Like A Rolling Stone,” and the three songsters advance 210.65-176.3. At a 34 point spread with 28 voters opining, that’s over a point average difference per voter. No, no problems at all.

Nirvana slipped early, but regained good footing after many old regulars popped back in to cast votes on Day 2. Willie, you are most surely All-American, but today was not your day. “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” over “Graceland,” 193-171.2.

"Farther relates to distance. Further is a measure of degree." Iz could use some of the inspiration he lent these two in 2000 for next round.

OK, let’s take a look at the 1 seed of the whole tournament. Israel just can’t seem to capture that 8+ magic from the first round, as he sees his average slip even further after another round. It was enough to eliminate Taco, but, you know- not really super hot. “Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World” squeaks on 181.25-167.5 with a 6.97 average. Get it together, big man, now is not the time. Nirvana awaits with a 6.89 average, making it look like a compelling match.

Last but not least, in the Hoosier battle of the round (as in underdogs rather than Indianans) the Dixie Chicks and “Travelin’ Soldier” move past “Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio,” 185.4-172.2. Kudos to KISS for putting up a fight. Which will not be nearly as interesting as the Lauryn Hill-Dixie catfight awaiting us next round.

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