Covers Tournament: Round of 64, Day 3 Results

Man Who Sold the World...

Alright folks, the end of Day 3 of the Round of 64 has arrived.   It seems like the extra day of voting got us a few more voters, which is always a good thing.  Feel free to invite your friends to vote with you!  We love converts and new regulars….since I am only a fairly recent convert to the LTD scene, I am always trying to recruit more people to the ranks of regular voters.  I hope other people do the same thing!

Anyways, we had a few exciting match ups, but nothing put me too close to the edge of my seat with these songs.  Every song that won did so by a fairly significant margin.  With that said, let’s take a look at the details…

David Gray’s In the Morning, despite some legit voter love, lost to Nirvana’s Man Who Sold the World.  Scores: 135.8 to 160.65, respectively. Nirvana advances with a 6.4 average – not all that high, but good enough to get them one more round!

Metallica must Turn the Page and hope for another music tournament nomination...

Turn the Page by Metallica, despite some love for their addition of rare ‘crunch’ to the music tournament, did not garner quite enough support to topple The Staples Singers.  The Weight advances with a score of 167 and an average of 6.68 (over Turn the Page’s score of 143.15).

In the CCR vs. Bruce Springsteen cover match-up, there was some definite back and forth, but Ike and Tina Turner emerged victorious with their version of Proud Mary.  Rodney Parker and the 50 Peso Reward put up a valiant effort with Atlantic City, but couldn’t muster enough support to take down Tina.  Such is the power of a bedazzled mini-skirt.  Scores: 176.8 to 156.1.

I hope I can wear a mini-skirt with that confidence when I am her age...

Our final match-up of the evening pitted Run DMC against Guns N Roses.  This match-up stayed close, but one song established an early lead and held on to it all the way though.  Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door defeats Walk This Way, with scores of 6.16 to 5.65 respectively.

Just in case you were wondering (or even if you weren’t), I had a great time today at this conference in D.C. – talking up p-values and viable data sources and giving and getting business cards like a champ….then I came back to my friend’s house and we all put back on our hamster costumes from last night to have dessert and wine.  And that is how you know you are an adult. Clearly.

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