Covers Tournament: Round of 128, Day 5 Results

they fought the breeders... and they won

Janos ditched the Internet for the weekend, so I’m filling in to give you the results of Day 5. We had some real nail-biters in this set. The big winner of the day, and showing potential to make it to the later rounds, was The Clash doing I Fought the Law, whose average of 7.29 is the highest of the tournament so far.

Al Green’s “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” defeated The Band’s “Don’t Do It”157.3 to 142.05. The people couldn’t handle the jam, but they couldn’t get enough of the funk.

The Clash’s  “I Fought the Law” killed The Breeders’ “Happiness is a Warm Gun” 174.9 to 134.3.

It was a tough call between the ladies’ smooth and sultry voices, but Cat Power’s “I Found a Reason” came away with a narrow victory over Cowboy Junkies’ “Sweet Jane”, 154.6 to 152.05.

Even closer was the Van/Dire Straits cover matchup. The Swell Season’s “Into the Mystic” will move on, leaving The Killers’ “Romeo and Juliet” behind, with a final score of 172 to 170.75. Every vote counts, my friends (said sheepishly by the girl who didn’t get around to voting on this set.)

Keep up the good work, lots more to come!


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1 Response to Covers Tournament: Round of 128, Day 5 Results

  1. chrisroomba says:

    Man, the killers probably would’ve moved on if I had voted…life in suburbia rears its ugly head again!

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