Covers Tournament: Round of 128, day 3 results

Most of these match ups were not very close calls.  No super high average scores for this round, either – but we certainly hit some low lows.  We did have some strong negative reactions to some of these songs (I’m looking at you, Boyz in the Hood).  Do we have any sleepers that might go far? Only time will tell – but high scorer of this round was Hugo with 99 Problems, and I think he’s got some real potential, if he gains points with repeat listens.  We shall see.

Winning is not one of Hugo's problems

Here are the results, based on votes from 23 people:

99 Problems defeats Boyz in the Hood: 169.5 to 126.25

Gin and Juice defeats Whatever You Like: 146.35 to 144.75 (closest match of the night – you should have gotten a friend to vote with you!)

Party Rock Anthem loses to Walk This Way: 122.5 to 156.6

Heartless loses to Pursuit of Happiness: 123.75 to 139.5

We heard a lot of feedback about whether Walk This Way should really be considered a cover, but based on people’s votes, the reaction wasn’t all negative.  So it goes forward to the next round.  Woot!

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3 Responses to Covers Tournament: Round of 128, day 3 results

  1. Danno says:

    Whether it’s a cover or not doesn’t change that it’s an awesome song 🙂

  2. Meghan says:

    I’m glad Gin and Juice won, but for next round can we use this youtube link- ? The version on Grooveshark used for this round wasn’t what I intended to nominate. Thanks!

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