The Calm Before The Storm

Alright everyone- final nominations are in and I am happy to announce that we have 137 songs. There have been a number of different opinions on this whole “Man On The Street” definition of what should and shouldn’t go in. The trend seems to be very strong support for keeping songs, and not so strong support on what should definitely go. So we are going to forgo the vetoes and just let everyone have a shot. 18 songs will do a play-in to get to the Round of 128, then we’ll go.

OK, so what happens next: as always, the Living The Dream Team is constantly looking for process improvement. We are going to do our very best to make the first round genre based match-ups, rap versus rap, country versus country, decade vs decade- at least by some logic. Once the field is pared down to 64 songs, THEN we’ll do our one rerack and seed the winners 1 to 64. From there it’ll be a straight NCAA deal.

Stay patient as the Team works on getting things set-up behind the scenes. Thanks for everything and get excited to kick things off tomorrow night!

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The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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1 Response to The Calm Before The Storm

  1. Isabel says:

    sounds like an excellent plan!

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