People’s Choice Tournament: Semi-Final Results

               The end is upon us.  And the results are in.  I will keep it short and sweet.

Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, Under Pressure, and... Someone to Love (Live)?

In the first match-up, Queen stands strongs and removes the only soul left in the tourney, eliminating Gladys Knight & the Pips with a score of 305.5 to 286.95.  Both songs received a flood of 10s, with Some One to Love (Live in Montreal) picking up seven and Midnight Train to Georgia ending up with four. For the second tournament in a row, Freddy and Crew will be heading to the finals.

And which young, European upstart will be standing up against one of rock’s best vocalist? The answer is one of my favorite Italian cities and all of its contraptions.

Mumford & Sons put up an outstanding fight garnering five 10s, but ended up losing out to Florence & The Machines by a miserably close 2.31 points. The final score: 299.21 for Florence to 296.9 for Mumford. Florence only had three 10s, but general high scores kept her and company on track. The question then becomes whether Queen’s divisive hit (it got at few 3’s and 4’s) can stay on top of a consistent underdog. Should be an amazing final!

There were 38 voters in this one, and I can only suspect many more in the final. Janos is having a party at Dukes on 9C in NY for anyone there this Saturday. I’m sure he’ll give more details in the comments below. The final starts tomorrow!

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2 Responses to People’s Choice Tournament: Semi-Final Results

  1. Janos says:

    Indeed, thanks for posting for the semi-finals, G. Quality pics you tracked down.
    Guillermo will have a separate finals post up tomorrow night with all the details, but the quick and dirty is that folks will have 50 hours to vote online (a bonus two hours!), and live listening parties are to be held no later than 10pm. So by 10:30pm on Saturday, assuming we can coordinate results, we should have a winner.

    • G says:

      thanks- if you use google’s advanced image search and focus only on “panoramic” or “wide” then you get images you can align in the center of your post. Also, you can filter by photo size as well, although the floating heads of Queen in a line only had that smaller shot.

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